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4Life was founded more than a decade ago by David and Bianca Lisonbee in the USA. The Multi Level Marketing Company has taken off globally with offices in 14 countries around the world. Expanding operations are in progress. The 4Life Company is dedicated towards building people through the use of the 3 S’s which are Science, Success and Service.  By building people, the company is trying to buildup a large network of distributors and has generally succeeded in this regard. The 4Life company is a manufacturer of personal care and health products.

The 4Life company owns the patent for what it calls Transferceutical Science. The Transferceutical Science has been developed to provide products that support the immune system. The Transferceutical Science deals with the presence of Transfer Factors found in the human body. These Transfer Factors are the messaging molecules which contain the programming and memory regarding various diseases and the way to fight them. With the use of Transferceutical Science, these Transfer Factors can be extracted and transferred from one human body to another.

This means that another human body can learn how to fight diseases which it has never encountered. The applications of this stunning product are many. Research has been done by many scientists over the years, and the 4Life company seems to have capitalized on a breakthrough. This Science has been used in their range of Transferceutical products. The main product at this moment is the Transfer Factor.

4Life has other products in their large range as well. These products range from Antioxidants, Energy support, Brain Support, Cardiovascular Support, Female and Male support, Weight Management and other such products for humans to health products for pets as well. The products are genuine and are sure to attract a large number of customers who will consume these products regularly. Little competition exists now for the Transfer Factor product because the technology behind the product is patented. The only major drawback regarding the products is that they are not approved by the FDA. But this drawback has been countered as the products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. During this 30 day period the consumers can decide for themselves whether the products are suitable for them. The 4Life company also has a charity foundation which accepts donation for the poor. This greatly helps the image of the company.

The compensation plan put in place by 4Life is significantly better than many other plans in the MLM industry. The compensation plan has been designed to be especially beneficial to the recently started distributorships. The 4Life company gives commissions amounting to more than 55%. Commissions are paid weekly. 4Life also offers various incentives like trips abroad. A minimum amount of sales have to be made each month to earn commissions and bonuses. But this ensures that the distributors don’t get lax in developing and promoting the business.

4Life does not claim to provide a miracle income, but says rather that hard work will pay off. 4Life is a great choice for a newbie in the MLM industry.

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