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Hello and Welcome to my 5Linx Review. My name is Randy Chambliss and my intention here is to provide you with the real facts about 5Linx so you can make an informed business decision as to whether or not this business is right for you.

5Linx, as you may already know, is a full telecommunications company based out of Rochester, NY. The company was founded on 5 key principals, Freedom, Integrity, Vision, Opportunity, and Success. Mr. Craig Jerabeck established 5LINX in 2001 and is also the President and CEO of the company. The other two pioneers who actively participated in the formation of 5Linx are Mr. Jason Guck, Executive Vice President for Sales and Mr. Jeb Tyler, Executive Vice President of Marketing.

How do you know the difference between a company that’s legitimate and one who just want’s to take your money? This 5Link Review looks at the authenticity of the 5Linx Opportunity, company, and products, so that people can perform their due diligence and make the correct decision after they bear all of their evidence. Currently you are taking into consideration that 5Linx just might be the answer and you are doing your research to make sure that you are not about to be disappointed. Right? You’re doing the smart thing. You’ll learn that there are indeed some terrific opportunities out there.

However there are a lot of smoke screens out there. Smoke screens such as “pay us to sign up and then we’ll teach you how to earn a fortune” scams. So how will you know if 5Linx is legit? By doing what your doing now. Research!

But will it live as much as the hype?

In conclusion on this 5Linx Review, the organization isn’t a rip-off. Rather, it’s just one more Mlm Company that’s creating its credibility by supplying individuals an opportunity to produce generational wealth.

With 5Linx, what I’ve found is that the majority of distributors build their business using ‘old school’ tactics. It’s important to understand that although old school tactics work for some people, most people who are under 40 won’t have very good results today using home meetings, hotel meetings, and other kinds of traditional strategies. The reason for this is that most younger people don’t have the kind of contacts and sphere of influence that it really takes to build a business like this, and when they attempt it, they fall flat on their face.

That’s actually the reason I put this site together. I understand that it takes a lot of marketing knowledge to learn how to earn a significant income from home, and I wanted to extend a helping hand to people who are either looking at 5Linx or who are involved already and help them learn how to recruit people using modern day MLM strategies.

When I first got involved in MLM, I discovered I wasn’t very good at traditional MLM strategies, and as a result of listening to well meaning uplines, I failed at MLM for 4 years straight. After a while, I actually started experiencing a level of success, but I just didn’t like going to all of the meetings, and having weekly ‘baby sitting’ meetings with all of my downline, so I learned to market online. Within my first 2 months I sponsored more people then I did in an entire year of marketing online, I later went on to have the second largest downline in my company.

If you’ll serious about entering the Network Marketing area then you have Master Marketing. “He who controls Marketing Wins”

So what I’ve done is put together an 10 day training mastermind Boot Camp that will teach you how you can do what I did, and it will work for you whether you’re involved with 5Linx or any other home based business opportunity!

Randy Chambliss

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