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5Linx is a relatively new company in the Network Marketing Industry. There are rumors going around that 5Linx maybe a Scam. When I heard about this, I started to investigate immediately. As an entrepreneur I like to know what’s going around, that’s why I created this review.

5LINX, as you may already know, is a full telecommunications company based out of Rochester, NY. The company was founded on 5 key principals, Freedom, Integrity, Vision, Opportunity, and Success. Mr. Craig Jerabeck established 5LINX in 2001 and is also the President and CEO of the company. The other two pioneers who actively participated in the formation of 5Linx are Mr. Jason Guck, Executive Vice President for Sales and Mr. Jeb Tyler, Executive Vice President of Marketing. How do you know the difference between a company that’s legitimate and one who just want’s to take your money? This 5Link Scam Review looks at the authenticity of the 5Linx Opportunity, company, and products, so that people can perform their due diligence and make the correct decision after they bear all of their evidence. Currently you are taking into consideration that 5Linx just might be the answer and you are doing your research to make sure that you are not about to be disappointed. Right? You’re doing the smart thing. You’ll learn that there are indeed some terrific opportunities out there. However there are a lot of smoke screens out there. Smoke screens such as “pay us to sign up and then we’ll teach you how to earn a fortune” scams. So how will you know if 5Linx is legit?

The founders created a commission plan that allow their reps to earn a percentage of their customer monthly bills. Yes, every month 5Linx reps earn an income. The obvious benefit to 5Linx is that their service is 100% recession proof. Let’s face it, in no way people are going to stop communicating with each another. All you are required to do is refer people to use the same services that they currently have and need, but for a cheaper rate most of the time.

Therefore, the question remains, is 5Linx a Scam, or legit? In my opinion it is NOT a scam. It is simply just another Network Marketing company offering a solid product. They offer products & services that people already have, need & will want in the future. Video Phone Technology is going to sweep the nation shortly. However, I believe that 5Linx has not caught onto the fast growing trend of Internet Marketing. They’re still teaching their reps old school, outdated ways of marketing. They are focused on making a list of a 100 people, handing out business cards, pitching their business opportunity to everyone that they meet and attending hotel meeting. Pay attention here because once you understand this principle and put it into your business you will get results: People will work with YOU because of YOU, NOT your 5Linx Business.

It’s because of this reason alone that the only thing you should be promoting on the front-end is YOU and the value YOU bring to the table. This is what is going to differentiate you from the MILLIONS of other network marketers out there who are foolishly marketing a company replicated website and acting like every other sleazy salesman on the internet. Think about it… 97% of network marketers have no idea how to market. They can’t generate their own leads and even if they could they’d be targeting the wrong people! They push their Network Marketing Business to no end and repel their #1 target market… this isn’t rocket science here! If you want to get results with 5Linx then it’s time to learn how the 3% successful marketers run theirs!

However, like any profession, it’s not the company that makes an individual successful. If you want success in 5Linx, you need the right marketing skill set and coaching from people who actually know how to market online. Yes, an individual hast have a well established foundation of marketing techniques for him or her to have an edge in the MLM industry and be able to sponsor 10-30 reps a month. However, before you’re able to sponsor 20-30 reps a month you first need a stream of new laser targeted leads to talk to every single day. After all, this is a marketing industry, so a parallel set of knowledge is the most important one.

If you want to learn exactly how to create a branded blog like this one or more importantly, how to market your new blog using videos, articles, PPC Social Media etc. then you may want to inquiry about my online coaching opportunity. You’ll learn how you can take that same exact knowledge and DOMINATE your business ” or any other company , for that matter” online.

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Randy Chambliss
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