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ACN began as an American telecommunication company. Formerly known as American Communication Network, it changed its name to ACN after the company extended its operations to many European nations and also to many Asian nations. ACN mainly deals with (local and long distance) landline telephone services, internet services, satellite television, cellular phone, and home security services, primarily to consumers, and secondarily to small businesses. Basically, it offers services which are in very high demand now. ACN is now expanding into Amsterdam, Netherlands. What’s so amazing about the ACN Amsterdam, Netherlands opportunity is that ACN independent representatives are able to market and earn commissions on Gas & Electric bills as well. Can you image earning a percentage of your customers public utility bills every single month.

ACN offers services from well know telecommunication providers. ACN independent representative acts as the sales agent for the actual service provider. In addition, ACN deals with selling of its own branded and provided services such their ACN Video Phone.
Having said all this, how can one gain some monetary benefit out of the ACN opportunity? ACN follows a multi-level-marketing model. In multi-level-marketing, a representative gets paid for any sales that he or she generates and also for the sales the new representative generates.  When you are an ACN representative you can earn money in three different ways: personal residue income, overriding residual income and team customer acquisition bonuses.

Basically, you create your own team by signing in people to the team. And the people who get signed by your team members also get added to other team members. Now, personal residuel income is the income that you generate due to your customer’s billing Another major source of revenue is overriding residual income. It comes from the customer base that your team have generated. A percentage of the customer billing that your team generates is considered as your over-riding team income. This, however, is beneficial in the long run and is not any good if fast money is required. For this, we turn to team customer acquisition bonuses (TCAB). TCAB’s are obtained when new members are added to your teams obtain 5 customer points by referring individuals to use ACN services. When, you or someone on your team signs up a new member, and the obtain their mininum 5 customer points you receive a bonus. The bonus that you get, however, depends on a variety of factors.
The company offers representatives training to understand their products and services to enable better marketing. It also follows very strict policies for customer acquisition. Slamming, i.e. acquiring customers without their consent is strictly prohibited. Forgery is also prohibited. Also a representative isn’t allowed to contact any provider directly. Violation of any of these policies can lead to termination of one’s position and the right to earn bonuses and the like. Having said all this, one must mention that forming a team and adding new members isn’t easy as it seems. However, if you know how to market you can build an huge organization quickly and easy. Think about it, you‘re reading the article online right? Imagine if you can learn how to leverage the Internet. When you combine both online & offline marketing the sky‘s the limit..

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