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As a true observer, I have noticed as of  lately there has been a big buzz about AdzZoo.  The Network Marketing community,  has been blanket with the opportunity that the said company presents.  Along with this are the stories of course are the typical ‘MLM naysayers’ saying that AdzZoo is a scam. Well, in this article, let me tackle the truth about AdzZoo and see if it is a scam, or a legitimate home based business.

AdzZoo claims to be dedicated to helping local businesses reconnect with their local markets while offering a rewarding business opportunity to our Campaign Directors and Sales Representatives. The company is based out of McDonough, Georgia. Geo-Targeted Pull Campaign utilizing a unique process known as “geo-targeting”, the physical location of a web searcher is determined, and then your specific content is delivered to them based on the nature of their inquiry. Simply put… “geo-targeting” enables local businesses to be matched with local searchers.

But will it live up to the hype?

Now let’s move on with the compensation plan and see what they have to offer.

AdzZoo’s compensation plan is based on the highest tier of campaign manager, who recruits a downline  order to generate a stream of income. Profits are built by  selling advertising packages to consumers. A fast start bonus is paid to the new campaign directors for selling their ad packages, as well as payments made to any uplines. Inaddition, another way to earn income is through personal ad campaign sales which is sales to retail clients, and paying a fixed percentage of the sales volume based upon rank. The remaining 3 ways to generate cash flow involve an override on ad campaign sales & renewals from retail clients which earn passive income and lastly, a bonus pools.

In conclusion, AdzZoo isn’t a scam. Instead, it’s just a new MLM Company trying to establish its credibility by offering individuals an opportunity to make money.

However, like any profession, it’s not the company that makes an individual successful.  If you want success in AdzZoo, you need the right marketing skill set and COACHING from people who actually know how to market online.  Yes, an individual has to have a well established foundation of marketing techniques for him to have an edge in the marketing industry and be able to sponsor 10-20 reps a month. However, before you’re able to sponsor 20 reps a month you first need a stream of NEW TARGETED LEADS to talk to  every single day.

After all, this is a marketing industry, so a parallel set of knowledge is the most important one.  If you want to learn EXACTLY how to create a Branded Blog like this one or more importantly, how to market your new branded blog using Videos, Articles, PPC, Social Media etc. then you may want to inquiry about my 1 on 1 Coaching Opportunity. You will learn how you can take that same exact knowledge and DOMINATE AdzZoo (or any other company or local business, for that matter) online, fill in your name, email, and phone number on the form on the right of this page.  I’ll look forward to helping you prosper in your company.

Randy Chambliss


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