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Ardyss is a wellness multi level marketing company. Ardyss was started as a factory and company in 1991 by a married Mexican couple. Ardyss has achieved a lot of growth since it started using a multi level marketing strategy after the year 2007. Ardyss now uses the internet for its business strategies, and offers an attractive business opportunity to interested applicants. Ardyss is based in the USA, having moved from Mexico in 2007.

Being a wellness company, Ardyss has many products which help a person lead a healthy life. The product Ardyss most promotes is the Ardyss Body Magic system. The Ardyss Body Magic system can be described as wearable clothing and a corset like system which reduces sizes instantly. This Ardyss Body Magic system is available for both men and women, but the products are generally targeted towards women. The Body Magic system uses advances in science to provide a large number of benefits. The main function of the Ardyss Body Magic system is that it reshapes the figure through fat distribution. This means that women can fit into dresses at least 2 sizes smaller. The Ardyss Body Magic provides excellent posture and helps protect the lumbar spine. Which means it helps protect against backaches. It also reshapes the buttocks, firms up abs and helps reduce the waist size in inches. The Body Magic system is the first step of the Ardyss Body Magic 2 Step System.

The second step of the Ardyss Body Magic 2 Step System is the Ardyss ‘Le vive’ health drink. This health drink is to be drunk every day during or before meal times. The ‘Le vive’ health drink is made up of 5 super fruits with excellent anti oxidant properties. These are the pomegranate, the Mangosteen, the Noni, the Goji and the Acai Berry. This health drink provides a lot of health benefits like reduced aging, health hair and eyes, increased energy, helps prevents diseases, provides increased flexibility, improved memory and a better sex drive among others. A daily dosage goes a long way in ensuring great health.

The Ardyss Body Magic system is a better option than going in for surgery to reduce fat. The Ardyss Body Magic System is comfortable, and a body can go through changes without pain. This is a great option for women who have undergone pregnancy and want to regain their pre pregnancy figure.

Ardyss Restoration Extreme is another product from Ardyss. This product provides suppleness to the skin and gives a youthful glow.

As a business opportunity, Ardyss has an established network of distributors over the world. Money can be earned through referrals and by direct selling of Ardyss’s products. Ardyss encourages its distributors to build a network of distributors by referring 5 new distributors. These 5 new distributors are then encouraged to sponsor 5 more, and so on. With Ardyss, the usual distribution channel of wholesalers and retailers is skipped, and the consumer gets products directly from the manufacturer (Ardyss). With a strong product range, Ardyss is a good company for investing for entrepreneurs.

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