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When you see people perusing magazines on racks, when they find one they want to read, they are not reading every article inside. They look for headlines and titles that catch their eye. The same goes for websites on the Internet. You can learn to write titles that will have visitors stopping in for a spell.
Title Basics
A title is not just a little blurb at the top of your content. That title can be used to further optimize your page. Here is an example. If your website page is about chocolate (a sweet and reoccurring example), the content needs to relate to confections. But, your title doesn’t have to be simply “chocolate.”
A well-optimized title will include some or all of the following:
Keywords – You have yet another place on your webpage that keywords can be used to help improve your rankings. If you choose keywords carefully, you can match a phrase that most people are going to use.
Hook – What is going to entice people to keep reading? Tell them what they will get. “How to Make Chocolate Strawberries” is interesting. Readers know just what they will be learning. Using numbers is even better. “5 Ways to Melt Chocolate” let’s readers know that they don’t have too much to read and that you will lay it all out for them.
Focus – Don’t take up two lines with your title. Use as few words as possible that will appeal to readers and also include a keyword or a keyword phrase. To reinforce that title, use that keyword again in the first sentence of the opening paragraph.
Even if you have titles on articles you would also benefit from a headline on your webpage. The article is just one portion of the information contained on your webpage. Don’t forget that headlines can be optimized as well.

Font size – Your headline needs to stand out from the rest of the information on the page. Use a larger bolder font but nothing too flowery. You want readers to see it not grimace at it.
Use keywords – What is the page essentially about? Use that keyword so readers know what all of the information will pertain to.
Use a link – When someone runs their mouse across the headline they will realize that it is clickable. It can link to the homepage, your site map or anywhere else on your site that would be helpful to visitors.
Titles and headlines are front and center on your page. Make them eye-catching and enticing so visitors will stay and read more.

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Picture Text – People love pictures especially on websites and shopping carts. It can be a big mistake to buy sight unseen. Each picture can have a tag associated with it. When someone runs across the picture with their mouse, they can again see relevant keywords for that page.

Links to Other Website Pages – One technique for creating your webpage is to list what services you offer or what your product can do on the homepage. That homepage can be doing more. If you have dedicated a separate page to each unique feature, place those links on the homepage as well. In your list of product features, use keyword-rich anchor text to describe them and have each description link to a different page. Search engines love that.

Are you getting the idea? Your website can be more exciting to the search engine crawlers with just a few changes.

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What Site Stats Can Tell You

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Why do some websites do well and others just crest for a while and then sink under the surf? It could be the big picture view. Website statistics can teach you a lot about how your online business is doing. Take a minute and look at those stats.
Getting Set Up
When you roll out your website, it is going to be important to monitor your progress. You can’t visit the site every day. You may want to but there are other tasks to tend to. Besides, if you automate most everything, your site will be able to run itself with very little interference from you except for site upkeep and adding new content and products.
This will require a well thought out plan on your part. Basic to that plan is a way to measure what goes on during the course of a day on your site. People visit, read articles, click on ads, view products and use the shopping cart. Each of these activities will help you to determine how your business will proceed in the months and years ahead.
You can add files to your web page yourself to capture certain stats. An easier step would be to get involved with a website stats program to do the work for you. Choose something like Google Analytics. If you already use other Google services to help promote your business then you are already familiar with the variety of tools they can offer you.
Google Analytics lets you analyze several things:

Marketing strategies (ads)
Conversion rates

This is only a sampling. You sign up and the program will walk you through the rest of what you need to get be ready for business.

Making Changes

Now that you have a way to track changes on your website, it’s time to see how they can help you over not using anything at all.

Improve Keyword Optimization – The keywords that you decided to use may all not perform well. Using stats on page views and visitors, you can tell which of your keywords is bringing in the most traffic. For the ones that are not, consider Traffic
Marketing strategies (ads)
Conversion rates

Marketing strategies (ads)
Conversion rates

Search engines recognize when people are cheating by overstuffing their articles with keywords. Content that is well written will stay within the allowable keyword density. And, those keywords will show up naturally throughout the article so it doesn’t sound like it was thrown together just for the keywords.

Keyword Density – You can have too few keywords as well as too many. Some people write their content without even thinking about keywords. You might have a strong article that talks about cutting edge information but without something to help the search engines look upon you favorably; no one will ever read it. Using the word once or twice in an article is not going to cut it.

No Variety – For better optimization, a website doesn’t use just one keyword. If you started with the word “chocolate”, your entire website wouldn’t be based on it. People use a variety of similar words alone or in combination to find what they are looking for with search engines. If you make and sell chocolate fudge, there are better words to use: fudge, Candace’s fudge, how to make fudge, etc. it’s like throwing all your eggs in one basket if you don’t diversify your keywords

Reciprocal Links - While it is true that backlinks can increase your search engine ranking, all links are not equal. And search engines like organic links better than simply offering reciprocal link sharing. You want others to link to you because they like your product and what your website presents to others. Using quality content on your site, in article directories and on social bookmarking sites can increase your quality inbound links for higher ranking.

Start out on solid footing with SEO. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that first-timers make.

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Using Site Stats to Your Advantage

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A website can be more than just your window on the cyber world. It is your base of operations and can also be a source of rich information about your business. Use site stats to help you improve how you run your business.
What to Look For-There are lots of website stats for you to look at to improve your rankings with the search engines. Each one can tell you something useful about how your business is currently doing.
Page views – How many people look at each page of your website? You can check page views on a monthly basis to see what portion of your website is the most popular. Maybe certain pages are more popular at different times of the year due to seasonal product offerings. You can also learn what items are doing well and which ones are dragging down the bottom line.
Unique visitors – Your site may get many visitors each day but they could be the same person coming back more than once. Unique visitors are first time visitors to your site and not repeat ones. The more unique visits you get the more potential customers you are coming in contact with.
Links – These can be outgoing links. If someone clicks on your Digg icon to bookmark one of your articles or blog posts, you can find that out as long as you have the right software set up on each page of your site. Any ads you post can also be tracked to see who clicks them. Programs like Google AdWords will track those stats for you so you can get paid.
Sales – You can track how well your shopping cart does each month. See when sales do down or up and see how many people used the shopping cart but didn’t make the sale. Compare statistics to track product buying trends to predict future sales.

Keyword analysis – Each page can be dedicated to one or two keywords. By looking at page views you can analyze how well your keywords are working. Using a different page for different keywords also allows you to know which ones are underperforming for you so you can try a new tactic.
Google Analytics is a free program that you can use to measure these and other website stats. Having so much information at your fingertips can help you rise to the top of your business niche and stay there.

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Site Stats: Measuring Your Results

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seo 1

When you start planning your business, you have a business plan that will help map out where you see your sales going from one year to the next. With online businesses you can do this through website statistics. These are measurements of various activities on your website that directly relate to your business.
Site Statistics
One of the things that you want is traffic. Without traffic you won’t get any sales and your business won’t grow. Your marketing plan outlines how you will proceed with getting that traffic. But, it is not foolproof.
You won’t know if your efforts are working unless you measure it. That is where statistics come in. What do you measure? Here are a few examples:
Unique visitors (how many different people visit your site)
Keyword analysis (which keywords bring in traffic and which don’t)
Conversion rates (how many visitors go from reading to buying items)
Web page analysis (where visitors go when they are on your site)
Page views (how many people visit each unique page on your website)

These are just a few of the stats that you will be interested in knowing. When you first begin marketing your site, statistics can help you find out if you are on the right page. Do the keywords you use drive traffic?

Statistics are gathered on a monthly basis but it can take a few months to see trends. Trends are a measure of the way that your current plan is taking shape. Because of the lag time, it’s not wise to make changes to your plan for several months to give it time to work or not work. When a business is in start-up mode, it will take that long to get an accurate measure of sales.
Site stats give you a starting point. Without some way to measure your business efforts it is like shooting in the dark – you don’t know if you’ve hit or miss. Looking at all the statistics together gives you a better idea of what to change first in an attempt to improve your business.
So, if you have not instituted a way to measure vital information pertaining to your website business, it is time to do so. There are software tools (both free and paid) that can help you compile these statistics. You can also hire companies to measure that information for you and analyze the data to anticipate the next more that you need to make. But, for small businesses, using software to compile the data and your own brain to analyze it will suffice.

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Want your website to stand out? Pay attention to the kind of articles that you upload. Readers want to be on the cutting edge of topics and that is where you’ll want to be to increase your traffic.
Content usually takes the form of articles, blog posts, audio and video too. The first requirement for content is that it be relevant to the topic of your website. If your website is about selling crafts, then the articles that you supply to your readers are going to need to revolve around that subject. In other words, don’t be talking plumbing if you cater to crafty moms.
Be Creative
There is a lot of content out there these days so it is not easy to come up with something new. One way is to start with the basic information and add your special touch. Personal experiences go a long way to connecting with your readers and also providing them with information that would be hard to get anywhere else.
Use your failures as fresh content. Did you try to combine a couple of marketing techniques that absolutely didn’t work? Create an article that highlights what readers “shouldn’t” do. What did you learn from it? Create an article that gives tips for success using that technique.
Your content can be spun off into other types of website media. Create videos and audio files based on your content. It is a way to reach a wider audience who are more attracted to other ways to present relevant information.

Don’t Forget the SEO
Now that you have written ideas for your content, decide which keywords would work best in those articles. These are what will make the search engines stand up and take notice. But, in the interest of your readers, your articles will read better if the keywords appear naturally. Don’t try to force them in spots where it sounds like you are just adding words to appease the search engine gods. Your readers will be turned off by such contrived content.

Special Features

Your content will serve three purposes: keep current readers happy, satisfy SEO requirements and draw new traffic. To meet the latter, try using these options in your content:
Bulleted points
Optimized article titles
Numbers in your titles

Readers usually scan articles first to see if they are relevant. When numbers appear in the title, they know that they will find a certain number of things that can help them. Bulleted points make for easier reading as do subheadings. Optimized catchy titles make them want to click on your link instead of others in the search results. Is your content doing all it can for your readers and the search engines? If not, read this article again and then refit your articles to do the best job they can.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

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To be successful online in business or even just for fun, you need to get noticed. No one will read or buy from you if they can’t find you right? But, how do you get yourself out there so people CAN find you? That is where search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, comes into play.
SEO What?
Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a series of tools, or thought processes and tasks completed on your web pages, that help your website or blog to get noticed by the search engines. Search engines use clever things called bots and spiders to crawl sites for anything that makes them relevant to search parameters entered by Internet visitors.
Most people either don’t know what they are looking for or they don’t know where to find it on the Internet. They rely on the search engines to do the work for them. The words that visitors use in the search boxes are termed “keywords” by Internet marketers. When you use the same words in various places on your site, search engines will rank your web pages in relation to others using the same keywords. The one’s who use research and optimization techniques the best, will end up on top of the list. Why does being at the top of search engines matter?
Research has found that 60% of all web searchers will click on one of the top 3 sites they are presented with. The majority of those will choose the number 1 ranked spot. Having one of the top three positions, therefore, can results in a much greater amount of traffic. It’s not just the amount of traffic that’s important to note, though. After the 3rd spot, the response from search engine users diminishes greatly. This means that the visitors that you get from position 4 and below are less likely to become paying customers.

How to Use It…

So, how exactly do you get to the top spots in the search engines? There are several tools and resources that can help with creating top notch SEO for your websites. They revolve around keywords and keyword phrases but the problem is what words to use for your particular business niche.
Think like a customer. After all, you own a business but at times you are also a customer. If it were you, what words would you enter to find the information that your potential customers are trying to find? This will be a short list but one that you can start with.
From there, use some online keyword software to get more ideas. There are programs like Overture that can take one keyword and return a hundred more for you to look at using in your content and elsewhere on your website. Many marketers also use WordTracker’s Free Keyword Tool to help them determine which keywords are hot. These keyword programs get their results from various search engines so you can be assured that your keywords represent current parameters.
Search engine optimization is useful for content but that is not the only place. Use keywords to get ranked through other places on your site and other sites too. Here are just a few:
Headlines (for each web page and article)

Anchor text (for links within articles and elsewhere on the page)
Picture tags
Tabs (pulldown menus)
Search engine optimization helps you to create a relevant website for the search engines. After you take the time to set up your website with all the information customers will want to see when they visit, use your keywords. This gives the search engines what they need to rank you well so that those customers can find your products or services when it’s most important – when it’s time to buy!

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Creating an MLM business online successfully can be broken down into a simple four step process that many people have used with tremendous success marketing different products and services, with different kinds of compensation plans.  It’s interesting to notice that irregardless of the product being marketed, this formula works with precision, almost down to a science.

I discovered this simple process after a  year of massive struggle in my own MLM business.  I discovered through trial and error that if everything wasn’t broken down into a simplified process and form, that it wouldn’t produce consistent results.  More so, even if I could create a dramatic level of personal success, without simplification no one in my personal team would be able to replicate what I was doing to any significant level.

The first step of the process is to simply have a scientific marketing funnel in place.  It’s important when setting up any kind of marketing system that whoever is responsible for designing it has experience and success recruiting people into the MLM industry.  Many times I’ve seen well intentioned corporate workers with specialized degrees in marketing put together some of the worst, most unscientific marketing systems that I’ve ever seen in my life.

Find someone who has a proven history of creating marketing funnels that produce higher than average sales conversions and learn the exact process they used to create their system, and you’ll be on the right track.

Step two is to learn how to create traffic to your marketing funnel through any of the proven advertising mediums that are available, either online or offline.  Step two is the hurdle of 95% of online marketers, and if you want to learn how to master your business, you’ve got to learn how to master traffic.

When you’ve mastered traffic creation, step three is learning how to optimize your funnel to increase conversions.  Most online MLM business owners try and spend ages optimizing their funnel BEFORE they’re getting any kind of serious traffic, which is a mistake.  You’ve got to take things in digestible chunks, and when you’re producing significant traffic, it makes sense to spend some time optimizing your funnel process.

Finally, you’ve got to learn how to build relationships with, and sponsor people from your list into your actual MLM business.  This is where the rubber meets the road, and if you’re serious about creating wealth in your MLM business online, you’ve got to learn the critical relationship skills that you need in order to create serious residual leverage.  If you take your business and divide it into the most SIMPLE possible steps, and follow my advice here, you’ll be well on your way to creating a profitable, successful online MLM business.

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Daegan Smith Reviews

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Daegan Smith, or as he calls himself ‘The King of Never Calling a Lead’, is an internet network marketing guru. Since the year 2007 he has been a famous figure and continues to grow more so every day. He is considered as a good multi level marketing teacher and guide.

Daegon Smith, along with his partner Michael Anderson, is famous for The Power Prospective System, which is an internet documented solution for building a home based business. He is the cofounder of Power Prospecting System LLC. Today he is one of the foremost leaders of the Multi Level Marketing industry and his team of entrepreneurs is one of the best.

Daegon Smith helps people achieve success by training them through his many programs. His programs like the Internet MLM Success Course have guided hundreds of people on the path to building a successful home internet based business. The Net MLM Profits and the Daegan Smith Partner programs have also contributed to the success of many home based businesses. He has a free newsletter series to teach people on the tips and tricks about using the internet effectively for network marketing. A host of advanced courses are also offered like Advance Email Marketing and the Magnetic Marketing. His website also gives out free CD’s to interested people.

His free Cd’s are not really free. A shipping charge has to be paid for the delivery of the CD. Many people have complained that once they give their credit card numbers for this charge, monthly some amount of money keeps getting deducted. There is not one perfect business. Daegan Smith is not a scam normally he has a reputation of being a kind person and he is charitable. He is known to give occasional free speeches and training to people who cannot afford to pay him. This has resulted in him having a large and loyal following. He has marketed himself as a good person, and his presence and charm have helped him be successful and make a lot of money.

Daegan Smith writes many articles about network marketing and also Blogs regularly. Many of these articles are freely available on the internet. He has also written about other ways to earn money, without having to work for any large organization.

Daegan Smith is THE expert in generating leads without calling. Today he is enjoying prominence and success with his marketing strategy, and he has helped many people with his unique teachings.

People like Daegan Smith are inspiration people and great examples in the field of Multi Level Marketing. There is a lot to be learned  from such people and I strive to explain what these inspirational figures say in a specific and easy manner to my clients.  I  have a very engaging and studied style and it is great ability to convey the toughest of technical theories in the easiest of words that sets him apart and makes him one of the best trainers for Multi Level Marketing.

After all, this is a marketing industry, so a parallel set of knowledge is the most important one. If you want to learn EXACTLY how to create a Branded Blog like this one or more importantly, how to market your new branded blog using Videos, Articles, PPC, Social Media etc. then you may want to inquiry about my Online Coaching opportunity. . You will learn how you can take that same exact knowledge and DOMINATE your business (or any other company, for that matter) online, fill in your name and email on the form on the right of this page and I’ll send you my exclusive 7 part video series for free. A $297 value I look forward to helping you prosper in your company.

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Motivational Videos

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