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FDI Youngevity Review

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I’m not going to bore you with detail about FDI Youngevity. You can visit the corporate site for that. My intention is to deliver the FACTS about FDI Youngevity. No Fluff, No Hype! This is my honest Insider FDI Youngevity Review

You can read the FDI Youngevity sales letter all day, but until you actually hear about the business from someone you can trust, someone who has been on the inside, it’s hard to take it seriously.

As a professional Networker, Internet Marketer & Coach I have a lot of opportunities come across my desk all the time.

This is why my team & I originally chose FDI as the most prudent vehicle to promote…

  • 8 year old benefits marketing company
  • Has many 5, 6 figure earners and have already created million earners
  • Easy duplicate system “Hand Out Free Pharmacy Discount Cards”
  • Easy to achieve Car Bonus
  • Over 70.000 people joined in the last 17 weeks as of this post
  • Over 150,000 company wide
  • Corporate leadership has over 100 combined years of network marketing experience

FDI began their journey by offering bulk benefit packages at low rates. They include Identity Protection, Credit Repair, Cell Phone Service, Debt Relief, Travel discounts, Legal advise, Dental Care, 24 hour Primary Physician, Shopping Discount, Personal Assistants, Financial Advisory, Vision Care and Hands Free Technology.

FDI refer to these package as Preferred or First Class Membership packages..

In January 2011 the founder and CEO of FDI William Anreoli worked out a discount program through HealthTrans that will allow anyone save on prescription drugs.

This assures members the lowest price on prescription drugs, saving them 10% to 85% or more on most prescriptions. There’s no paperwork to fill out, it never expires, it can be used as often as you like, it markets your FDI business for you and best of all and every time it’s used, YOU GET PAID!


The FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards has two sides:

1. On one side of the FDI Pharmacy Discount Card has all the information the pharmacy needs for immediate savings of up to 85% or more on prescription drugs. The group number on the front of the card contains the FDI rep number so the usage of the cards can be traced back to the representative for compensation.

2. The other side of the card acts as a business card showing people how they too can make money passing out free FDI Discount Pharmacy Cards. This is a genius marketing tool as it levels the playing field for everyone to win.

At the FDI Convention August 13, 2011 it was announced FDI was merging with Youngevity. Youngevity is a 15 year old Publicly Traded Network Marketing Company established in 1997. They offer a wide spectrum of high quality gourmet coffees and technologically advanced wellness and personal care products. Combine that with FDI’s Pharmacy Discount Cards.

Youngevity was originally founded by Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan, Youngevity is the only network marketing company to have an authorized FDA Health Claim.

With over 500 products, multiple brands, and corporate offices in several countries— including New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, UK, Canada and in over 60 countries across the world this means FDI is now a GLOBAL PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY.

FDI Youngevity has ROCKED the mlm industry with this news. Moreover, FDI Youngevity is giving us stock option in the company as we grow our business. What does this mean? Not only do you have an opportunity to build a enormous global organization but now we have ownership in FDI Youngevity. This is TRUE WEALTH my friend.

Now Here’s the benefits of FDI Youngevity

  • 15 years old global publicly traded company with corporate office in over 60 countries
  • Simple marketing system that everyone can do “Hand out free pharmacy cards”
  • Many, many 5 & 6 figure income earners and has created Million Dollar earners
  • An infinity residual income compensation plan “You can get paid on your 250 level and beyond”
  • An infinity up front fast start bonus
  • Newbies are plugging in and making money
  • over 70,000 people have join FDI Youngevity in the last 17 weeks as of this post
  • Easy to achieve car bonus “FDI Youngevity Pays For Your Silver Mercedes”
  • Paid Vacation
  • Stock Options “FDI Youngevity gives you Stock Options as you build a business
  • Over 150,000  company wide
  • Daily Biz Builder Blitz Calls From Corporate
  • Corporate leadership has over 100 combined years of network marketing experience
  • Aligned with a 20 year old benefit company
  • Much, Much more


“How Are You Going To Build Your FDI Business?”

This is where most people in network marketing get it all wrong. FDI is a wonderful opportunity but it’s impossible to build if you don’t know how to market.

If you combine giving away your pharmacy cards with the right marketing skills, you will literally be able to build a solid business with FDI Youngevity.

You will want to align with a team who truly knows Internet & Proven offline marketing, so you can have the success you truly seek and have no limits to how big you could build your FDI Business.

Without new prospects, no one will see your  FDI Youngevity sites, which leads to … obviously, not closing any sales. Without conversion, you could have all the traffic in the world, but none of that traffic will turn into a sale.

In order to convert your traffic into sales for you on autopilot, you need a professionally crafted marketing strategy in place to generate referrals.

Instead your marketing strategy must be customized to you, giving your prospects compelling reasons to join you in your business. THAT is the secret to converting your referrals into new business partners But there’s still a problem…

Most people don’t have the skills to set up their own marketing strategy. But I do…

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