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Forget Your Warm Market

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The best way to make serious money in network marketing is to continue recruiting new distributors into your business at least until you reach the income level that you want.  I realize that nearly everyone preaches about “getting a stable customer base” for your business — or finding “3-5 front line people” from “your warm market” to be front line distributors under you, and then “helping these 3-5 front line people” to do the same thing without you ever having to recruit anyone else.  Well, that is wrong, and anyone telling you that is misleading you.

The fact is that making big money requires recruiting as many new distributors as you can AT LEAST UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR DESIRED INCOME LEVEL, and teaching these new distributors to keep recruiting new distributors themselves (the distributors will become your customer base, anyway).  Unfortunately, people are taught to contact, recruit, and sign up the wrong people.  They are told to “recruit your 3-5 front line people” and then that it’s okay to stop recruiting and to simply “help your 3-5 front line people”.  They also are taught to do all of this using all the wrong strategies and tactics, and this is what leads to all of the frustration, stress, anger, unnecessary hassle and failure.

Recruiting distributors and building your home business is a simple process. However, you must ignore virtually everything that you have been taught before now.  To be successful, you must go against the grain, you must break nearly all the “rules” you have learned, and you must apply common sense to your efforts.  Much of what you have been taught flies in the face of basic common sense, and most of it makes your job difficult, if not impossible.



You know exactly what I mean — you are told to “make a list of 200 (or 500)  people you know — family, friends, neighbors, etc.”  You are told to tell them about this “great product that solves / cures / etc.” — whatever.  You are told to get them using the product and then sign them up as distributors once they are “hooked” on what a great product this is.  And/or you are told to buy a list of “fresh, hot, super-responsive” business opportunity seeker leads, put them into an autoresponder, direct them to your own “completely automated/it does 95% of the work” website, and then call those who “take the tour” and sign them up.

Well, as you know, this doesn’t work very well, if at all, and it involves a great deal of hassle for you.  You spend all of your time chasing after your so-called “warm market” and attempting to get them either to sign up or to do something after they have signed up.  You spend all of your time chasing after “biz opp” seekers who have “taken the tour”, and then you try to get them to sign up or do something after they have signed up.  You do four, five and more follow-up calls with these folks, and you get frustrated
when no one signs up.

When people actually do sign up, you end up spending your time training, babysitting, handholding, and pleading with people who either never should have been in the business, or never really wanted to be in the business, or never will do anything anyway, or never bother to learn the business, or
never take complete responsibility for themselves.

You have been told — incorrectly, I might add — that all you have to do to be really successful is to find 3-5 people from “your warm market” who want to make “a little extra money” and then “help them find 3-5 people from their warm market”.  You find your 3-5 people — then you spend nearly all your time and energy trying to make these people successful.  (In other words… trying to get them to do something — and by the way, you cannot “make” anyone become successful.)

Deep down, however, you know it isn’t working the way it’s supposed to work, at least according to your upline.  You keep following up, chasing, training, answering questions from your downline and prospects, spinning your wheels, etc.  You keep getting nowhere, and you keep wondering what
to do to get these 3-5 people of yours working so that you can become successful.  Then most of them quit, and you have to try to find more people from your so-called warm market and from the biz opp seeker crowd — and the hassle and unproductive activity starts all over again. And it’s a fact — all ofthis unnecessary hassle and unproductive activity eventually leads to frustration, stress, anger and unnecessary failure.



Your mission is to find, recruit, and sign up as many distributors as you possibly can (not just those 3-5 people) and certainly not co-dependent, unproductive, and weak distributors.  This is how you make real money in network marketing.  This is how you can regain complete control of your
time and your life.

The good news is that you can continually find, recruit, and sign up the right people for your business with a minimum of stress and hassle, IF you do it the right way.

There are a few simple, basic rules you must apply in order to survive and prosper in network marketing.  You will be amazed at how applying these simple rules will reduce your stress and will eliminate virtually all the hassles that you previously thought were a necessary evil in this business
(and that have been driving you crazy).  Then you can start succeeding.


Here are the “Real Rules” that you must follow…

1.  Continue to contact and recruit existing network marketers AT LEAST UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR DESIRED INCOME LEVEL.

2.  Teach your downline to do the same.

3.  Make sure your downline always has leads of existing network marketers.

4.  Conduct yourself as a professional at all times.

5.  Always require your downline members to be completely responsible for themselves.

6.  Forget ALL the conventional wisdom.

7.  Commit to at least one 90-Day Blitz and just do it, no matter what.


Remember, it’s YOUR life, and it is not a dress rehearsal. Don’t you have better things to do than waste your time on things that aren’t working?



Randy Chambliss
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What Components Should a Good MLM Training System Have?

There are a few things you must be able to do in a good MLM Training system. Here’s is my recommended list:

  1. Branding – Any good system is going to allow you to brand yourself. If the system is branding the creator or owner you may want to think twice.
  2. List Building – With the right system you must have the ability to build your own list. Any leads that you flow through the system have to be added to your own lead database. In most cases that is your own personal auto responder.
  3. Affiliate – Honestly a really good system you should be able to make money even if people say NO to your primary MLM. This how the top producers in the industry build solid businesses.
  4. Positioning – Through the effective marketing training you should be able to position yourself as the expert in your niche.
  5. Primary Business – Add the end of the day it all comes down having the ability to sponsor people in your primary business.

Note: You can have a 30 day test drive for @$29, after that you have a choice to have a $49 or $99 monthly membership. I recommend the $49 membership if you are fairly new to Internet Marketing…



Click The Button Below To Learn How To Generate An Endless Stream Of Targeted Leads For Your Business



Randy Chambliss

Magnetic Sponsoring Reviews

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The 1st of 7 Free Training Videos From Magnetic Sponsoring…

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Magnetic Sponsoring is a technique of attraction marketing. In lay mans terms it can be said that it is a technique to attract customers and distributors at a very meager or almost no cost at all.

Started by Mike Dillard, and tried and tested on himself after 6 years of hardship, he finally found the “answers” he was looking for when he discovered the science of Magnetic Sponsoring. After which, he has built a downline to those off the charts and has generated approximately 7 million dollars in around 36 months. It is quite needless to say that his techniques have revolutionized the marketing industry.

In the age where the Internet plays a major role in everybody’s lives, one can hardly think about the ‘old school’ marketing techniques of distributing fliers, wearing advertising buttons, dropping business cards in restroom (hard to believe but yes, sometimes people do resort to such desperate measures). What one has to understand is that the Internet does not support their business, but is actually against them, as it has made today’s buyers much more aware and has given them a wider range of choices for the products they want to buy. Bring in Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring in which he provides cutting edge online marketing training, and shares invaluable internet marketing secrets for CPA Networks, SEO, Pay-Per-Click etc. and soon enough, you will have dozens of people contacting you regarding your services and products almost every day.

How Does Magnetic Sponsoring do this, one might wonder. The catch lies in the fact that Magnetic Sponsoring sometimes goes against the ideals of a majority of online marketers. The key lies in the fact that one must have an open thought process to implement this, sometimes people need to think out of the box and go against traditions if results need to be produced and this is what Magnetic Sponsoring teaches us to do.
Up on using Magnetic Sponsoring, one will be sent a free 7-day online course that will be sent via E-Mail. This will contain a series of videos that teaches us all the important online marketing prospects. It will also teach us how to brand our self as an expert on the network marketing industry. Magnetic Sponsoring will teach us how to become the predator instead of being the prey. It also teaches us how to create a cash flow to fund our online marketing business.

Most importantly, Magnetic Sponsoring teaches one how to generate an endless number of prospects and leads for ones name list. It’s quite common a case where many people tend to quite network marketing because they run out of names and don’t what to do next. The advantage of using Magnetic Sponsoring is that it automatically generates leads using Internet Marketing methods, how they do it.

One has to think that this has got to be a hoax. Consider yourself scammed if you purchase the book and do nothing about it. Buy it only if you seriously wish to apply its techniques to your network marketing business. Make sure you download the free online course first.

Click Here To Request The Remaining 6 Free Videos From Mike Dillard

Randy Chambliss
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The key to knowing the secrets of MLM Recruiting is, or for that matter of any business is to first understand the business. These secrets are nothing but important facts that must be kept in mind, but most people tend to overlook them.

One must first understand what the requisites of MLM Recruiting are, before they even think about considering it as a career. They should realize that it is a more people oriented business rather than anything else, and that they should have the personality to motivate and influence people in becoming their leads.

The equation is simple, ‘More People means More Profits’. This means that you will have to work out of your comfort zone and meet new people daily regarding the MLM opportunities of your company.
A person should only jump into the MLM Recruiting scene only if they have a strong commitment towards it. One has to realize that half hearted attempts will lead nowhere, instead of making a profit, they will only lose money in trying to get MLM Leads. MLM Recruitment requires staunch devotion and people will only be successful in it if they keep on trying and not give up half way, as they say, “The fruits of labor are sweet.” And it’s no exception in this case, as it has shot quite a few people up the ladder of monetary success.
One should have an open mind and should be willing to learn about what they are marketing. It pays off even more if they have an ability to teach their subordinates the same techniques they used while convincing them to be their leads, so that they may also make use of those techniques to generate more MLM leads such as marketing over the Internet.
The key to successfully marketing any product or building a huge organization relationships. The buyer or new lead must feel comfortable with what you before they‘re going to do any business with you.. The same goes for MLM Recruitment. The more comfortable the people are with you, the higher chance of you getting more recruits. This can be done by keeping a few, very simple points in mind. First and foremost, one should avoid the technical Network Marketing jargon and use simpler terms which the common man can understand. Keeping an open body language also helps, so, when communicating with the client it is advisable not to fold your hands or cross your legs. Make the client feel valued, let them do most of the talking and constantly keep them in the spotlight so that they feel that you are seriously interested in their well being. Never pressure a prospective client into being recruited, as this will only have a negative effect on them. A most important is the give away a lot of VALUE.
Certain psychological researches have shown that using the word “You” more number of times than “I” has a powerful effect on customers. This ‘magic’ word draws prospects towards you and also lowers their psychological defense barrier, thus making it easier for them to connect with you. The bottom line here is that the more comfortable a prospect is with you, the easier it is to convince them.
These simple but effective ‘tips’ are often overlooked and are nothing but the secrets to successful MLM Recruitment.

Randy Chambliss
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MLM Prospecting Tips

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Attracting leads in the field of MLM is not easy. It takes skills and a lot of luck to attract the regular and loyal customers to a product. But to help you on your way, here are a few tips that are sure to help you a lot and get your business up and running.

Attraction Marketing: Attraction marketing is very important in the field of MLM. Many times people think that attraction marketing is nothing but attracting customers to a product. While this is a part of attraction marketing, it is not the whole deal. Attraction marketing also means that you also have to explain to a customer what you are doing. It also involves explaining to people the use of the product. You should be able to completely overload the prospective customer’s mind with information about the product and its benefits. You should be able to convince the prospective customer that he or she is making a mistake in not buying the product. Efficient attraction marketing can result in a high volume of sales in no time. Developing attraction marketing skills takes time and effort, and it is better to learn these skills thoroughly before putting them in practice.

Bond of Trust and Affection: You should try and develop a bond of mutual affection and trust between yourself and the customer or affiliate. The presence of this bond ensures that the customer or affiliate will remain loyal to you and your business. He will never try to buy the product from elsewhere. To develop this bond, you have to make promises and stick to them. Giving discounts and bonuses to your customers regularly will go a long way in strengthening the bond. Listen patiently to any problems that a customer or a sales affiliate may have and try to correct those problems. Try to convey to your customer that your knowledge of the MLM industry is strong. Make sure that you are dependable in any crisis. A customer should feel that he has purchased a product that has benefited him immensely and he should be thankful he got it from you. This bond ensures regular sale of products and people will flock to join your business with its great reputation.

Brush up Your Knowledge: This applies to everyone. Even if you have done a hundred courses, and learned from the top gurus of today, remember that there is always something new to learn. Keep track of the latest techniques. Learn about the rising stars of the MLM world, and look out for competition. You should be able to share your knowledge with others. You should become a master at MLM. People are very attracted to the all knowing, all seeing guru and wish to learn from him.

Choose Your Hunting Ground: Think about the kind of people you wish to attract to your business. Then attack the areas they frequent.

Using these tried and tested MLM prospecting techniques; you can reach the pinnacle of MLM success.

Randy Chambliss
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How To Recruit More MLM Reps

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With a large number of business reps, a business can generate thousands of dollars of revenue every week. Many reps ensure that the product is sold over a large area, and a lot of money can be earned by their sponsor in the form of commission through some percent of the sales. There larger the number of MLM reps that are recruited into the business, the lather the payout. To increase the number of reps that a business has, some strategies can be utilized to generate reps at a fast pace.

To recruit reps, it is first essential that the businessman target some people which will be beneficial for the business. The targeted people are the leads. Leads can be found by either paying for them or by using some resources. There are some lead brokers and companies which will sell leads at low prices. While the businessman can get a lot of leads this way, these leads are not always beneficial to his business as the quality of leads is generally poor. This means that the leads which the businessman has bought probably contain the email addresses of kids, or maybe the leads have already been used. So it is always better to generate leads rather than buying them.

Leads can be generated through various ways. Advertising is a good option. Advertisements in popular newspapers, the radio, and popular websites can generate many new leads. Using Google AdWords is a popular way to increase sales and recruit reps. Also the businessman can use Twitter and Facebook to recruit more reps. These websites are used by many people, and it becomes easy to attract some leads. The businessman can also start a newsletter service. This can attract some leads that are looking for information about business growth and development.

A business is nothing without a product to sell. The product has to be unique with little competition, and has to be of daily use to people. It is better to sell a product which can be used everyday like medicines. Once the businessman has a good product, he can set up a website explaining all the virtues and usefulness about the product. If the businessman is convincing enough, a lot of people will want to be a part of the product. So if the businessman intends to design the product, then it has to cater to a large audience. The product has to become a necessity for customers. If the businessman is joining a company selling a product, then he has to choose the company with care. A good product and a better image work wonders in the MLM industry.

A website is the most important parts of the business. A website with pictures and videos works better than a website with reams of boring text. So the businessman has to design the website attractively. Also the website needs to have substance as well as looks.

It is possible to recruit hundreds of new MLM reps in the business with some clever application of hard work and brains.

Randy Chambliss
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