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How to get my ACN points?

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Customer Points Part 1

Customer Points Part 2

Customer Points Part 3

Customer Points Part 4

Customer Points Part 5

Customer Points Part 6

Randy Chambliss
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Numis Network Reviews

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The Numis Network derives its name from the word numismatics, which means the study or collection of money in all forms. It is being run by four visionaries. They are Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, Jake Kevorkian and Mike Mezack. The company sells high quality gold and silver coins, which are mainly a collector’s item.

Numis Network offers coins of various grades in gold and silver. Some of the coins on offer are the American Silver Eagle, Silver Panda, Gold Saint Gauden, Australian Silver Koala, American Gold Buffalo, Olympics Silver Maple Leaf and Marines Commemorative Silver. The coins are of top quality ranging from MS65 to MS70. MS70 is the highest grade for quality a coin can have. The main product offered by Numis Network is the MS70 2009 American Silver Eagle which costs $ 125.00. The products offered by Numis Network are very unique. The best thing about the products here is that the products only increase in value over time, as the price of gold and silver continues to rise. The products can also be given as gifts.

Numis Network provides a good opportunity for the interested person. The compensation plan is simple. A marketer working for Numis Network can earn money on the distinct levels of his organization. Commission is paid according to cycle bonuses, according to the organization which has enrolled the marketer, and through coded collector bonuses. Also on offer are fast track bonuses. While this sounds complicated, the plan can be explained on a simpler basis. The marketer is given a star rating according to the amount of new marketers he enrolls on behalf of Numis Network. A 4 star rating can give a payout of as much as $75000 each month. Simply put, money can be earned through residual incomes, sales from a personal website and by commission through sales of coins.

The company training program is not free. Some money has to be paid in order to enroll in the training. The program might be effective because the company charges money for it. Numis Network offers support to its marketers through many training videos.  A special Numis Business Building System has been prepared to educate the marketer about email marketing, lead generation and the other important techniques of business an internet marketer might find useful.

A Back Office Business Center is provided as well. This Back Office Business Center gives up to date information about the business. Some of the features it offers are compensation reporting, volume and sales reporting, growth tracking feature, download of important information regarding the company and any updates and access training materials.

Numis Network has a phenomenal support system in place for an internet marketer. The personalized website provided is also top notch. Numis Network plans to generate a lot of money selling coins to wealth collectors mainly in the USA. The international appeal of the product is mediocre at best and the recession does not help. But expect the company to come out strongly in the future on the domestic as well as the international front.

After all, this is a marketing industry, so a parallel set of knowledge is the most important one. If you want to learn EXACTLY how to create a Branded Blog like this one or more importantly, how to market your new branded blog using Videos, Articles, PPC, Social Media etc. then you may want to inquiry about my Online Coaching opportunity. . You will learn how you can take that same exact knowledge and DOMINATE your business (or any other company, for that matter) online, fill in your name and email on the form on the right of this page and I’ll send you my exclusive 7 part video series for free. A $297 value I look forward to helping you prosper in your company.

Randy Chambliss
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MLM Secret Training Tips

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Multi Level Marketing or MLM is a business marketing structure which uses the multiple levels of people who are part of the structure to help promote and sell products or services. The use of the MLM structure and strategy is a great way to distribute products. It allows the product to be distributed large distances around the world, and along with direct sales through shops, the internet, mail, etc. is a top ranking medium of distribution. A MLM works simply by forming a self feeding chain of people. A person is recruited to act as a sales representative. The sales representative is given training on marketing and business strategy. He is given knowledge about the product to be sold. He is then told to sell the product by acquiring new customers or leads. Once the sales representative starts selling goods, he receives a small percentage as commission. He is also encouraged to recruit new people who will act as new sales representatives for the company. This sales representative transforms into a sales manager when he recruits new people and he starts receiving a percentage of the sales made the people he has recruited. The new person he recruits is called a downline, or a team member. The sales representative has to give training to the new recruit, who in turn passes on the training. The recruits also have a chance to earn commission by selling goods and recruiting new people in the business. Thus new people keep coming in and a way to opens up by which the product can be distributed and sold effectively by a dedicated team of independent businesses. While theoretically a lot of commission money can be earned by becoming a part of the MLM business structure, it is not always true in the real world. A very small number of people manage to earn a respectable sum of money which can grant them financial independence. MLM training teaches a sales representative to create competitors for him by recruiting new people. The commission earned through the recruits is paltry and does not justify the recruitment. In short, the sales representative is digging his own grave by recruiting others. While the recruitment strategy would be effective if the market demand was extremely high, this is generally not the case. The company is the one who reaps the most advantages by selling its product or service through a large expanding medium. The sales representatives have to buy the product from the MLM Company before selling it, so the representatives are also the consumers. Even if the product has no demand, the MLM Company gets money through the representatives. In a way the business representatives’ act as some sort of insurance for the company using the entire process of Multi Level Marketing. While being a part of a MLM organization is a promising experience, it is always better to found a company selling products through MLM than being a small inconsequential part of a MLM. This does not mean that MLM is always a scam. It is possible to earn money through MLM. But for that, a superb personality and great business marketing skills have to be developed. Complete knowledge and up to date strategies have to be known and understood. Succeeding in the cut throat MLM industry requires hard work and years of dedication.

Randy Chambliss
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MLM Training

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The Multi Level Marketing (MLM) industry has taken the world by storm. An increasing number of people are investing both time and money in pursuit of success in this field. Many people around the world have made millions of dollars through the MLM industry. One thing in common with all of these people is that they had excellent knowledge about the many facets of the MLM industry. This knowledge some developed as pioneers, same came across it while others just received it through MLM training.

MLM training is the training a person undergoes which can help him succeed in the MLM business and has knowledge pertaining to the MLM industry. The typical MLM training contains mediums and tools through which future entrepreneurs are trained. One of the best ways in which MLM training is imparted is through multimedia. Today, all the top trainers and mentors in the MLM industry use various internet driven media such as special videos, manuals, books and the like to impart training. Some give out newsletters and write Blogs. Others have ‘Webinars’ (web seminars) which help them connect with the trainees personally. The prospective or aim of the best MLM training is to provide quality education to the trainee. Remote learning is a popular way to impart MLM training. This enables the learner to absorb information at his or her own pace, process the information and review it carefully. Some other MLM training gurus prefer to give out MLM training through seminars and lectures face to face.

The correct MLM training has to include all the facets of a business. Getting started, prospecting and generating leads, promotion strategies, personality development, live training, motivation, feedback and learning about other such lessons are necessary to understand the concept of MLM. The MLM training today is usually easy to understand and newbie friendly and is generally imparted in stages. Stages in MLM training can be generally classified as Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, etc. In short, MLM training contains growth phases.

Many people have made millions in the MLM industry. These people can be broadly classified into two types- the old money minters and the new ones. So, MLM training today is also imparted in two styles, the old style and the new style. The old style of MLM training is outdated. A very low percentage of people utilizing this style of MLM training manage to succeed. While the old style of MLM training is fundamentally same as the new style of MLM training, the new style of MLM training has up to date techniques and strategies. This style teaches learners on how to use the internet and other such modern age strategies to sell their product. This style enables many people to achieve success at a faster rate and in a comparatively less cost.

Today, MLM training has itself become a business and it is booming. Many self labeled MLM gurus offer personalized MLM training packages to initiate future businessmen. The best MLM training combines the old and the new and provides the soft power of knowledge to help the businessman to succeed.

Randy Chambliss
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Viral Content Magic Reviews

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Hey Guy’s I see your doing your research on Viral Content Magic. Well you are in for a treat. The reason why I choose to write this review on Viral Content Magic is because I want you to have a crystal clear understanding of the amount of value that’s inside this product. Rest assure this is not another product that has no value or meaning to your life. David Wood, Jim Chao and Kenny Gregg has been masterminding this product creation since Sept. 09.

Basically, Viral Content Magic is a collaboration between the three. Each one of them has their own niche that they’re experts in. Jim Chao brings his Facebook & pay per click marketing secrets to the table. Kenny Gregg brings his video & SEO marketing  and David Wood brings his article & blogging marketing secrets to the table.

Viral Content Magic has 10 modules in a simple easy to use step by step blueprint that both new and  more advance marketers can use. The product was created to set the foundation of marketing over the Internet Viral. In my opinion, I laughed at the price of Viral Content Magic because these guy’s are practically giving away their product. Viral Content Magic can easily retail for $1500 or more. I respect these guy’s a lot for what they’re doing to help average individuals  succeed as marketers in these tough economic times.

David Wood have taken me under his wings by mentoring me to duplicate his exact methods the he’s using to generate the insane amount of leads he’s pulling on a daily basic. However, each week that passes our leads increases with no end in sight. Therefore, David, Jim & Kenny had to find away to train each an everyone one who join their team viral. This is why as an Internet marketer I’m so excited about Viral Content Magic because now I can simple plug my new distributors into the product so the can begin strengthening  their foundation while I’m training other team members. I want you to envision yourself generating 50-100 targeted leads to your blog every single day. Viral Content Magic will save you a huge amount of time in your training efforts.

On a scale from 1- 10 I give the product a 11! I wish I could have had this information giving to me in a simple action plan when I first started. I had to really research and be creative when I was trying to crack the code to unlocking the flood gates of targeted leads. However, when I partnered with David Wood he give me a clear path to follow but this was after so many costly mistakes. I spent a lot of money, time and effort to learn how to market over the Internet.

I went from having no new leads to put my business in front of to having new prospects calling and emailing me, wanting to now more about how I’m marketing online. However, before I teach them how to generate leads online I require them to join my mastermind group. The group is a community of super sharp Internet marketers that comes together and share critical marketing ideas that’s working. So, If you want to be successful as an network marketer than you have to study the industry, not just your primary company. Through my research I found that 97% of small business & network marketers are failing because they don’t have any new leads. So I choose to become a problem solver for them and offer them a solution on the front end. This is what you have to do in order for you to stand out from the crowed. You have to offer your new prospect valuable information alone with some e-books that has helped you alone the way. After you have built a trusting business relationship with your new leads then an only then should you offer them an opportunity to work with you directly in your primary business. Remember, the main purpose of attraction marketing is to flip people into your primary business on the back end. Now you have a product that you can be  proud to stand behind and offer your new distributors.

Randy Chambliss
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Looking Beyond a Mike Dillard Review

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I found a great post on Mike Dillard Review but one on Ann Sieg as well.  Both leaders are passionate about helping serious Network Marketers build their MLM business by using Attraction Marketing strategies. This Mike Dillard review gives you information on both leaders approach to building a Network Marketing Company.

Mike Dillard is a great leader that has more of direct approach that quickly gets to the issue at hand. This strategy works GREATLY. However, Ann Sieg approach is more softer and personal. It’s like talking to an old friend who understands what your going through. This strategy works GREATLY as well.

You just have to choose with one will works best for you. Hand down Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring coarse is the best on the planet.  Mike Dillard gives away so much valuable information some may think that he has lost his mind. However, this is the ATTRACTION MARKETING STRATEGY!



In addition to that Mike Dillard has an affiliate program for you to use to pay for your marketing campaign. No more out of pocket expense.

For more info on Mike Dillard Review click the link.

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Hello my friends in Internet Land, I’m Randy Chambliss an Independent Marketer of iLearning Global. Yes I’m really an independent Marketer. I understand that they’re a lot of articale written over the Internet about iLearning Global. However the individuals that are writing these articles are not part of the iLearning Global team. They are written by persons outside of the company that only has their best agenda at heart NOT YOUR’s. They only want to pitch you another business opportunity or some sort of lead system that doesn’t even work for them.

The motivation why they choose to aim at iLearning Global is because they understand that iLearning Global is an EXTREMLY ENORMOUS MASTERMIND GROUP that is dominating the network marketing industry with a large number of searches over the Internet. Thousands of individuals like yourself has scene iLearning Global business opportunity presentation and are now looking for the appropriate team to join. A team that will help them obtain critical marketing skill & help them build their business.

The reason why I wrote this articale is to place myself in what I like to call the EYE OF THE STORM. I desire to position myself in front of you so you may have a fair opportunity to determining if our team in iLearning Global will be a outstanding fit for you and your family.
Here is your chance to join the FASTEST GROWING TEAM IN iLearning Global! We have a community of Internet Marketers who will help you obtain the critical marketing skill of generating 40-50 targeted leads to your personal branded website a day.

It’s important when you decide to get involved in iLearning Global that you join the right team. iLearning Global will allow you to create a strong residual income faster than any other MLM company in the direct sales industry.

However you still need a step-by-step system, training & team support to show you how to market your business online and become a professional in the industry.

A lot of  iLearning Global reps are teaching old school techniques to their new distributors. Such as handing out business cards, fliers, holding hotel meetings, making a list of your family & friends, pitching their iLearning Global business opportunity to everyone you cross.

Truth be told some of these techniques works very, very, very minimally. Master Marketers understands how to market. The top iLearning Global reps understands that you have to plug into a system that allows you to BRAND yourself.

The top  iLearning Global reps has their own personal websites outside of iLearning Global’s company replicated website. They also have a sales funnel in place that allows them to generate a enormous amount of income even if someone say’s NO to their business.

Master Marketers are NOT; let me repeat are NOT pitching their primary business on the front end. They’re giving Value on the front end and flipping the new distributors into their business on the backend.

Master Marketers are plugging into a system that uses Video Marketing, Articale Marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Media etc to drive enormous amounts of Targeted Leads to their personal website.

Therefore our system will show you how to create unlimited leads, sponsor 20-50 reps into your business every month & create over a dozen income streams that NO TEAM in iLearning Global has access to!

Listen carefully…

People will get started with YOU because of YOU, NOT your Primary Business.

It’s because of this reason alone that the only thing you should be promoting on the front-end is YOU and the value YOU bring to the table. This is what is going to differentiate you from the MILLIONS of other network marketers out there who are foolishly marketing a company replicated website and acting like every other sleazy salesman on the internet..

This is why 97% of network marketers are Failing.

Think about it… 97% of network marketers have no idea how to market. They can’t generate their own leads and even if they could they’d be targeting the wrong people! They push their Network Marketing Business to no end and repel their #1 target market… this isn’t rocket science here! If you want to get results then it’s time to learn how the 3% runs theirs!

Discover a Simple SYSTEM You Can Start Using Right Away to Quickly & Easily Generate Your Own Leads, Build Your Very Own Opt-In List, Generate Immediate Cashflow AND Build Your Primary Business Opportunity All On Complete Auto-Pilot…

Network Marketing HAS CHANGED!

Forget Those Out Dated Methods Like Chasing Friends & Family, Your Warm Market List, Prospecting Strangers and Buying Useless Leads.

Because The Smart Marketers Who Understand The Power & Leverage of The Internet Are Going to Dominate The Industry… So Don’t Get Left Behind!

What You Will Learn Inside…

  • How to set up your fully Branded Attraction Marketing System & Websites with-in 72 hours.
  • How to create a Sales Funnel that would generate multiple sources of ongoing income.
  • How to Brand Yourself  As The Leader & Build YOUR List not someone else’s
  • How to generate hundreds of Targeted prospects, paying customers and new distributors over the Internet.
  • How to Profit from your prospects even if they say NO to Your Primary Business Opportunity.
  • And much, much more!

Become The HUNTED; Instead Of The HUNTER!

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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