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Craigslist Attraction Marketing Training

This is an email template that I send to the new prospects that respond to the ad..

Email Starts Copy Here…

“Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in working with our company. My name is
Randy Chambliss, and I am a founding member of Silver company. We are
a Indiana based company that markets Silver.

I own and operate one the fastest growing offices in the North
American Region, and I’m currently looking to expand throughout the
New Orleans/St. Tammany and surrounding areas. The expansion
initiative requires that I find and train the absolute best candidates
that New Orleans/St. Tammany has to offer.

You don’t need any experience since we will train you, and you will be
able to work on your own schedule from your own home office. The
income potential is unlimited and quite frankly I’m interested in
helping my entire team create a high 6-figure income.

I know that although this sounds wonderful, not everyone is qualified
to work with us.

I’m very selective about the individuals that I bring to our team, so
it is critical that you understand the nature of what we do and how it
is done.

Click on the link below & please read carefully the message and answer
the survey questions that’s in the link. Based upon how you respond
to the survey will determine if we go any further. Hint: Hint: MOST
PEOPLE READ IT TWICE before they answer the questions.

Upon completion of the survey, please send me an email with the
subject line “I Finished My Survey” to (randychambliss@gmail.com)

Good luck David. Here’s the link… http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SBBC263

My name and number…”

End of Email”


Tools I’m using…

  • First tool, A Free Google Voice number. If you have a gmail account then you’re able to have a free number that you can forward to your cell.
  • Second tool, I’m using a site called http://surveymonkey.com You can setup a free account and create your own questionaire.


This is the follow up email I’m sending my new prospects once I received the initial application plus spoken with them. After I review the application/survey assuming they qualify to work with us, I’ll tell them to look for our company overview video via email… Hint: Hint: It’s your landing page ISN Coins gives you.

Email Starts Here…

Here’s the link to our companies orientation…. http://www.CollectFreeSilver.com

P.S. make sure to take notes. Myself or someone from my office will follow up with you to answer any questions you may have.

Email Stops Here…


Now the only thing left is calling them and asking them “What did you like best about our company?” Answer any questions they may have are put your sponsor on 3 way. However, you can work together and have your sponsor call them back…

Randy Chambliss

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