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Cyberwize was founded in 1998, and it set out to develop the highest quality nutritional and personal care products. The company is doing business in the United States, Canada, Bahamas, and Jamaica looking to further expand its international business operations. The company’s executive management team consist Mark T. McCool (Founder and Chief Executive Officer), Jeanine N. McCool (Co-Founder), Paul Deck (Executive), Barry D. Smith (Executive), Timothy Set (Chief Legal Officer), Laurence Breen (Controller), Bob Schaffer (Vice President of Field Development), Michelle Schaffer (Director of Field Development) Tammy Young (Director of Field Relations), and Joe Scheip (Director of Field Development). Cyberwize main products consist of Tunguska Mist, Tunguska Blast, Vital PSP+, HealthyWize Nutritionals, Biowize Bodycare, and EnviroWize Filter System are the main key ingredients to fulfilling Cyberwize mission to provide the best possible nutritional products at the best prices while providing an opportunity to better the health and wealth of their customers.

Now, I will discuss Cyberwize network marketing business opportunity for independent distributors, and break the different parts of it down. The company pay plan is a binary with the option to add a third leg, and it’s the best pay plan to have in a network marketing business opportunity. A binary compensation pay plan encourages team work from your upline sponsors, and you could experience spillover which will allow you to build an organization lighting fast if your apart of a team that produces results. Cyberwize pays out on several different levels consisting of retail, direct sale bonuses, dual team builder, matching bonus, lifestyle bonus, car bonus program, watch program, all-star rewards program, and million-dollar challenge. There are 12 earning levels with the company that a distributor can achieve, and starts with the 1. IBO, 2. Active IBO, 3. Qualified IBO, 4. Associate, 5. Director, 6. Senior Director, 7. Bronze, 8. Silver, 9. Gold, 10. Platinum, 11. Diamond, and 12. Double Diamond. The Starter Packs are the levels independent distributors can choose to start their business at, and they begin with the IBO Success Kit for $69.95, Solutions Pack for $99.95, On-Track Pack for $199.99, Active Pack for $399.99, ePlan Pack for $999.99, and the Partners Pack for $1,499.99.

Last but not least, here is the moment of clarity for anyone choosing to become apart of Cyberwize or maybe already are apart of the company, but is struggling to make any money. You must have a 3-5 year business plan where you will make a commitment to build your business, and learn how to market your business using the “You” Inc business model by leveraging the power of the Internet. The “You” Inc business model is when you don’t pitch your business opportunity to prospects on the front end, but you lead with your setup affiliate marketing system in place which can be easily duplicated, and people can plug into it as easy as 1-2-3. So, with that said if you forget everything I discuss in this article, always remember that your affiliate marketing system plus targeted traffic plus converted leads equals sales also known as money.

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