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yagerDexter Yager is one of the most successful people in the Network Marketing industry. He is sometimes referred to as the ‘Father’ of Multi Level Marketing. His story is the typical rags to riches, nobody to somebody story. Today, Dexter Yager is a well known and a very influential guru in the MLM industry and is considered to be an enigmatic leader in the industry.

Amway is famous worldwide and is the largest market networking international company in the world. Dexter Yager is the leader of the largest international organization in Amway. All the techniques and tools followed in MLM training today can trace their roots to the teaching of Dexter Yager. Credit for the successful training and resultant growth of entrepreneurs in the most successful network marketing organizations of the world today can be laid at Dexter Yager’s feet, as they have adopted many of his principles for them.

Dexter Yager is not only the owner of the largest distributorship in Amway, but also is also the owner of another company side by side. This company is the one which distributes tapes, CD’s, books and other such material for personal development. The extent of the sales and his personal income from both the distributorship and his own company can only be guessed at. It is estimated that his company makes money in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. But his distributorship is the true mammoth earner, with the revenue being estimated at about 2 billion dollars every year. His distributorship has a membership of about 4 million people worldwide, which is a very impressive figure.

By the use of his company which is called as Internet Services, Dexter Yager is also the creator of the successful and somewhat controversial activity which is most associated with Network Marketing, which is the sale and distribution of techniques and tools of personal growth. This business has today been copied by many noted people in the field of Network Marketing.

Dexter is responsible for creating and nurturing successful people worldwide numbering in the thousands. His business system has today helped more than 60 million people associated with the sales profession.

Dexter Yager has been associated with “Amway” in the past. He has had a lot of controversy come his way and many negative comments dot the internet. But the fact remains that Dexter Yager remains today one of the most accomplished person in the Network Marketing industry and provides guidance and help to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs.

It is a proven fact that Dexter Yager is one of the best network marketers in the world right now and it is only due to years of perseverance and hard work that has got him to where he is today. I teach my students the intricacies of network marketing, home businesses and multi level marketing in a very concise and a comprehensive manner. I teach my students the very essential qualities and traits that made Dexter Yaeger one of the greatest network marketers in the whole world today.

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