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Efusjon is a Network Marketing company that began in Jan. 09 with the launch of it’s new energy drinks.  Efusjon took some new, innovative concepts to their business model that are unique in the MLM industry, and they’ve attracted a lot of attention, and media in a very short time frame.

Efusjon has grown faster than 95% of all Direct Sales companies that has launched in the last couple of years. However their are not the fastest, as some would say.

So Is Efusjon A Scam?

No, they’re a legit MLM.  The Efusjon Energy Club meets all of the standard guidelines issued by the FTC that regulate direct sales companies, and it meets strict international guidelines, as well.

Here are some super sharp benefits to the Efusjon Energy Club?

There are a couple main ones, however the only thing that really made me look into it was the comp plan.  The Efusjon Energy Club has a unique comp plan called ‘The Community Overlap Matrix’ this  rewards you for your own efforts and the individual who are on your team. The company also rewards you for the efforts of people who aren’t a part of your downline at all. You get paid 4.25% on all the Individuals on your personal team and you get paid 1.25% on all distributors that were referred through ‘The Overlap Matrix’. The compensation plan pays even percentages through their forced 3X15 compensation matrix.

Now Should You Join The Efusjon Energy Club?

You need to look at the fact at hands, evaluate the the business, and make a educated decision based off of what is best for you and your family. I want you to notice,  I did not say ‘make a decision based off of the fact that everyone is doing it and you’re extremely excited!

Now I can’t answer that question for you but I’m going to share with you the reasons that I decided not to join, and why I believe that the Efusjon business opportunity is a house built on clay.

Reason #1:  The Nature Of The Efusjon Compensation Plan

One of the most outright lies that are spread by Network Marketer leaders in most companies is that they tell you that ‘you’ll be successful if you just get 5, who get 5, who get 5…’.  In the case of Efusjon, I can’t tell you how many distributors I’ve ran into that think that they can get rich by only sponsoring three individuals.This doesn’t replace recruiting personally and training your downline to do the same..

Reason #2 – The Efusjon Product is not innovative,

Now don’t get me wrong here, lots of individuals love the Efusjon Product. I just question their intentions.

Over the last 2 years you would not believe the amount of stories I’ve heard about some new ‘Magical Potion’ that ‘tastes great’, but when you drink it it’s no different than olive oil. However, Efusjon Energy Drinks  taste better than Red-Bull.

Reason #3:  The Only Real Attraction That I’ve Seen To Joining Efusjon Is The Compensation Plan.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t join Efusjon or that you should look for a better, more viable product to market – I’m just providing a needed viewpoint due to popular demand in the marketplace.  If you are going to build an Efusjon business, I hope that this review helped you to gain some insight into some of the reasons why not all prospects will join you in your business.

Also, I want to point out their marketing methods they teach. See, it doesn’t matter what MLM company you chose to partner with you have the master the work MARKET.

Now, let’s awesome you have joined Efusjon, how are you going to MARKET your new business?

The reason why I ask this is to set the record straight that 97% of Network Marketers are NOT making and money. WHY? You ask!

The reaon is very simple they don’t know how to market so they have no new people to talk to. NO NEW LEADS! NO MONEY!

However, the top reps in Efusjon are using a methods called ATTRACTION MARKETING. Basically, their not pitching their business opportunity on the front end. Like every other networker.

Top reps are giving value on the front end, which allows them to attract individuals to them. In addition to that, the top Efusjon reps are creating their own personal branded websites.

In closing, he Efusjon Energy Club just isn’t the be all and the end all of Network Marketing.  To all of my readers, fans, and visitors I wish you the best of luck and prosperity in whatever business you choose, and if it’s Efusjon – be blessed in your endeavors and be abundant.


Randy Chambliss
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