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Efusjon is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company which has sprung up recently. It has had a lot of hype surrounding it after its inauguration. Efusjon offers a business opportunity to prospective clients, and is like any other standard MLM company.

Efusjon has been co-founded by Robert Towles, R.S Edwards, Kenny Gilmore, and Marc Sharpe. The primary product offered by the company for sale is a range of Acai Berry based energy drinks called the Efusjon Energy Club drink. These drinks have other ingredients as well, and come in a range of flavors called as “Edge”, “RAW”, “Dawn” and “Breeze “. The Acai juice has antioxidant powers but, as usual, the health benefits of health drinks packed in cans are questionable. So essentially Efusjon is another drink and juice company which has come into the business, with a decent product.

To be paid by the Efusjon Company, there are two ways to take advantage of the business opportunity. Individuals are paid either as an associate or a member of the company. For a member, the total commission obtained is 4.25% of the total sales volume when any order is placed through the replicated website. The entry fee is 30$.

The Efusjon Company recommends the aspiring associate businessman start his business by placing a 120$ dollar order with them. This money gets the businessman a replicated website, 4x 12 packs of the energy drinks, and also gets the businessman a listing as a business builder. As an associate the businessman benefits from further compensation. Once an associate, the company recommends the businessman to recruit 3 other associates as well. Once this is done, the associate gets promoted to executive and is paid 4.25% of the sales volume achieved by the associates. This is in addition to the commission earned by the businessman on his own sales volumes. This is a standard tactic used in most MLM companies.

Efusjon is doing something innovative in the social media marketing line. Efusjon have joined up with facebook to take advantage of the huge number of facebook users around the world, numbering at more than 300 million. In any MLM business, after the close family and friends are recruited, the business becomes hard to sustain and new people are hard to find. With facebook, the businessman is allowed to send 20 solitations through his profile page to complete strangers, to make the recruitment process easier.

Whether Efusjon will succeed spectacularly or fail miserably like other hyped MLM companies, only time will tell.

Efusjon is another company which specializes in multi level marketing and for a mutli level marketing to work it is essential to create a multi tiered system of employees and retailers. Efusjon has managed this quite well and is a great example. Randy Chambliss uses this example of a successful MLM company in order to make his clients understand the value of a good base. Randy Chambliss’s impressive and extensive qualifications also ensure that he can offer a sound and productive business plan to his clients on the lines of the one which Efusjon utilizes.


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