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Empowerism was started and created by the now famous Janet Wilson around the year 1998. Since then it has grown and transformed, and has paid out much more than 7 million dollars since May 2004 to its affiliates.

Wilson, who is the CEO of Life, Education and Prosperity Inc., has developed a business philosophy which is to offer people a high quality and affordable global systems for success and mentor and guide the people to help them start their own successful online sales business. Empowerism also trains people in internet marketing skills and helps develop suitable personal skills for helping them in the growth of their business organization. As Janet Wilson has said, “The training and business opportunities are designed to empower people worldwide through knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and new perspectives.”

At Empowerism a membership fee is charged according to the level of membership. At the basic level a fee of $6.95, one time, is charged while at higher level a monthly membership fee of $19.95 along with a one time fee of $24.95 is taken. While the basic option may be affordable, the higher level membership can be considered steep for the person who is not completely dedicated to forming a full time business organization.

Empowersim offers the user a host of guidance and many support options. It provides a monthly magazine, a Training Center, Tutorials, helps with website design and formation, tips on how to attract traffic, etc. to its members.

Payout is based on a 3*9 forced matrix. The Empowerism matrix has a possible 29,523 position for its members to use. For each position filled, $1 can be earned at the time of subscription renewal matrix each month. That means that if the member fills in all his allotted positions, he can earn a mammoth $29,523 each month. Though it is unlikely that any member will amass to him such a big network of people, formation of a smaller network is always possible and that means a steady monthly income.

In addition to this system, Empowerism offers the member two other packages to earn money. The Revenue Sharing Value Plan (RSVP) is a plan based on leads and is only available to the monthly subscribers. In addition to the 50 free leads a member receives each month, the member can also buy another leads package of $25. The monthly earning potential is at the least $2000 with the leads. The other plan is the Marketing Value Plan (MVP), which pays out weekly. If the member invests $100, he is advertised to 20,000 people and earns $200 commission each ad. These figures can be doubled if the member invests $200.

Empowerism provides everyone with a genuine business opportunity. However even though it provides a very genuine business opportunity it is still imperative that the right skills pertaining to Empowerism are learnt and these skills are taught by no person better than Randy Chambliss. Chambliss has deep knowledge of the entire concept of Empowerism and his incisive inputs and tips are highly valuable and very helpful.

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