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Exfuze was founded in 2007 by two brothers Rick and Dan cotton in 2007. The company initiated the Multi Level Marketing phase in April 2008. Rick and Dan are currently a part of the corporate team which also comprises of Peter Hammer and Paul Morris. Together, they carry more than 50 years of MLM experience. Exfuze is a wellness marketing company, and is a new entrant in the field. For the current decade, the field of wellness and health has proved to be most beneficial as the top 3 most successful MLM companies are all wellness companies. Exfuze is no doubt hoping to make an impact in this field.

eXfuze sells super fruits juices which are good for health with a large number of benefits. eXfuze uses extracts from distinctive fruits like Noni, Gac, Goji, Acai, Mangosteen, a berry called Sea buckthorn, an aquatic plant found in the pacific Brown Seaweed and also uses purified water called Water of Life as base. These seven ingredients make the flagship product of the eXfuze company called Seven+. The + sign is for the other 4 ingredients used in the Seven+ health drink. These ingredients are included for their antioxidant properties and are Pomegranates, Wild Blue Berries, Aloe Vera and Concord Grapes. The other health drinks available with eXfuze are the Seven Pro Performance and the Super Seven with some added health benefits.

EXfuze has formed a Scientific Advisory Board to help it develop its products with the use of the latest advances in science and technology. Due to the natural ingredients used in the health drinks, EXfuze claims that its products do not harm the body’s nervous system and do not cause any other undue stress to the body.

The health benefits of the ingredients used in the Seven+ range of drinks are immense. The health drink contains loads of vitamins and antioxidants. It helps prevent colds, cancer, asthma, hypertension, high blood pressure, skin infections, depression and stress. Some ingredients used in the health drinks promote longevity. An ingredient also helps support the immune system. With all these health benefits, the Seven+ range of health drinks beats most of its competition in this area. People will benefit if they consume this health drink regularly.

The product available at eXfuze may not be very unique, but it is a good product nevertheless. Interested people can help sell the product and receive some commissions by signing on with eXfuze. Money can be earned through more than 7 ways in keeping with the company’s “Power of Seven+” tagline. Associates can earn through Retail Profit, Preferred Customer Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Fast Start Match Bonus, Team Commissions Chairman’s Bonus and Director Check Match and Viva bonus. The business plan is legitimate. As EXfuze is a start up, there are comparatively fewer distributors working for EXfuze and so this is a great opportunity for people looking to get a large market for themselves.

The product Seven+ is fit for regular consumption, and will generate regular sales. EXfuze is on its way to sure shot success and aspiring marketers will do well to hitch a ride with it.

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