Forget Your Warm Market




The best way to make serious money in network marketing is to continue recruiting new distributors into your business at least until you reach the income level that you want.  I realize that nearly everyone preaches about “getting a stable customer base” for your business — or finding “3-5 front line people” from “your warm market” to be front line distributors under you, and then “helping these 3-5 front line people” to do the same thing without you ever having to recruit anyone else.  Well, that is wrong, and anyone telling you that is misleading you.

The fact is that making big money requires recruiting as many new distributors as you can AT LEAST UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR DESIRED INCOME LEVEL, and teaching these new distributors to keep recruiting new distributors themselves (the distributors will become your customer base, anyway).  Unfortunately, people are taught to contact, recruit, and sign up the wrong people.  They are told to “recruit your 3-5 front line people” and then that it’s okay to stop recruiting and to simply “help your 3-5 front line people”.  They also are taught to do all of this using all the wrong strategies and tactics, and this is what leads to all of the frustration, stress, anger, unnecessary hassle and failure.

Recruiting distributors and building your home business is a simple process. However, you must ignore virtually everything that you have been taught before now.  To be successful, you must go against the grain, you must break nearly all the “rules” you have learned, and you must apply common sense to your efforts.  Much of what you have been taught flies in the face of basic common sense, and most of it makes your job difficult, if not impossible.



You know exactly what I mean — you are told to “make a list of 200 (or 500)  people you know — family, friends, neighbors, etc.”  You are told to tell them about this “great product that solves / cures / etc.” — whatever.  You are told to get them using the product and then sign them up as distributors once they are “hooked” on what a great product this is.  And/or you are told to buy a list of “fresh, hot, super-responsive” business opportunity seeker leads, put them into an autoresponder, direct them to your own “completely automated/it does 95% of the work” website, and then call those who “take the tour” and sign them up.

Well, as you know, this doesn’t work very well, if at all, and it involves a great deal of hassle for you.  You spend all of your time chasing after your so-called “warm market” and attempting to get them either to sign up or to do something after they have signed up.  You spend all of your time chasing after “biz opp” seekers who have “taken the tour”, and then you try to get them to sign up or do something after they have signed up.  You do four, five and more follow-up calls with these folks, and you get frustrated
when no one signs up.

When people actually do sign up, you end up spending your time training, babysitting, handholding, and pleading with people who either never should have been in the business, or never really wanted to be in the business, or never will do anything anyway, or never bother to learn the business, or
never take complete responsibility for themselves.

You have been told — incorrectly, I might add — that all you have to do to be really successful is to find 3-5 people from “your warm market” who want to make “a little extra money” and then “help them find 3-5 people from their warm market”.  You find your 3-5 people — then you spend nearly all your time and energy trying to make these people successful.  (In other words… trying to get them to do something — and by the way, you cannot “make” anyone become successful.)

Deep down, however, you know it isn’t working the way it’s supposed to work, at least according to your upline.  You keep following up, chasing, training, answering questions from your downline and prospects, spinning your wheels, etc.  You keep getting nowhere, and you keep wondering what
to do to get these 3-5 people of yours working so that you can become successful.  Then most of them quit, and you have to try to find more people from your so-called warm market and from the biz opp seeker crowd — and the hassle and unproductive activity starts all over again. And it’s a fact — all ofthis unnecessary hassle and unproductive activity eventually leads to frustration, stress, anger and unnecessary failure.



Your mission is to find, recruit, and sign up as many distributors as you possibly can (not just those 3-5 people) and certainly not co-dependent, unproductive, and weak distributors.  This is how you make real money in network marketing.  This is how you can regain complete control of your
time and your life.

The good news is that you can continually find, recruit, and sign up the right people for your business with a minimum of stress and hassle, IF you do it the right way.

There are a few simple, basic rules you must apply in order to survive and prosper in network marketing.  You will be amazed at how applying these simple rules will reduce your stress and will eliminate virtually all the hassles that you previously thought were a necessary evil in this business
(and that have been driving you crazy).  Then you can start succeeding.


Here are the “Real Rules” that you must follow…

1.  Continue to contact and recruit existing network marketers AT LEAST UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR DESIRED INCOME LEVEL.

2.  Teach your downline to do the same.

3.  Make sure your downline always has leads of existing network marketers.

4.  Conduct yourself as a professional at all times.

5.  Always require your downline members to be completely responsible for themselves.

6.  Forget ALL the conventional wisdom.

7.  Commit to at least one 90-Day Blitz and just do it, no matter what.


Remember, it’s YOUR life, and it is not a dress rehearsal. Don’t you have better things to do than waste your time on things that aren’t working?



Randy Chambliss

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