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FMLOGOForMor is an innovative, total life wellness company that is a worldwide leader in the development of breakthrough health and wellness products. It was founded in 1996 by Stan Gross, and now has expanded its growth into the following countries: Ecuador, Mexico, Singapore, Poland, and the Philippines. The company’s executive team and medical advisory board consist of Michael Gross (President), Chris Gingrasso (Vice-President), Dan Hobbs (Director of Network Development), Ronald Joselin (Director of Global Operations), Randy Wiley (Director of Profit), Mary Ann Boudreaux (Director of Experience), Shane Little (Director of Information Systems), Dr. Elizabeth Owings (Chief Medical Advisor), Dr. Sandra Denton (Associate Medical Advisor), Dr. Joel Robbins (Associate Medical Advisor), Dr. Jay Wilkins (Associate Medical Advisor), and Dr. Gus Reynolds (Associate Medical Advisor). ForMor main products consist of Cardiococktail, Nobel, Nobel Premium, Nobel Energy, Argenix, Omega 3-6-9, and Oral Chelate are the key ingredients to fulfilling the company mission for outstanding products that get results in people’s life. The company has formulated and marketed over 100 state of the art products with 50 years of experience within the company’s executive team.

Here is the part of this article that I know you really care about the most, and that is ForMor network marketing business opportunity for independent distributors. Okay, a new distributor for the company must fill out a application form and pay a fee of $19.95. In the first level, to qualify to be paid as a New Distributor you must have $100 Bonus Volume (BV) points to qualifying each month to receive commission checks, and a new distributor products purchase will count towards his personal $100 BV points. In the second level, a Executive Distributor must personally have one qualified distributor on his or her first level who qualifies for $100 BV points, and a $500 Total Group BV points along with his or her $100 Personal BV points to receive commission checks. In the third level, a Ruby Distributor must have two qualified first level distributors who have $100 BV points each, and a $1000 Total Group BV points. In the fourth level, a Emerald Distributor must have four qualified first level distributors at $100 BV points each, and a $2,500 Total Group BV points. In the fifth level, a Sapphire Distributor must have four qualified first level distributors at $100 BV each points, and a $5,000 Total Group BV points. In the sixth level, a Diamond Distributor must have six qualified first level distributors at $100 BV points each, and a $10,000 Total Group BV points. There are 16 levels for the ForMor compensation plan, so for more in depth information please visit company official website.

In conclusion, the key to being successful with ForMor or any other network marketing company that you choose to be apart of is an affiliate marketing system that generates income. You must first learn how to market your network marketing company by leveraging the power of the Internet. This all starts with having a setup affiliate marketing system in place where it can be easily duplicated, and people can plug into it as easy as 1-2-3, so with that said if you forget everything I discuss in this article, always remember that marketing system plus targeted traffic plus converted leads equals money.

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