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Globalinx is a telecommunications MLM company which sells products that use the latest, cutting edge VoIP technology. It was founded by the current president and CEO Craig Jerabeck in 2001. With the addition of Jeb Tyler and Jason Guck, the company has leaders who have a total experience of more than forty years. The company is run according to the principles of integrity, vision, success, freedom and opportunity,

Globalinx currently operates through its wholly owned subsidiary called GLOBALLINX. The company offers products which cater to all VoIP, wireless and telecommunication needs. There are many products on offer. A home digital phone saves 50% of all telephone bills with its unlimited long distance calling facility to 75 countries for $24.95 per month or an annual charge of $239.95. International calling is also available at cheap rates .A Family Share Plan allows another line to be connected to the one already installed for an extra $14.95 every month. For companies, a commercial plan is available for $19.95 a month. With the inclusion of commercial companies as well as homes, 5LINX has a large consumer base. GLOBALLINX also offers a cellular connection, home security, satellite TV and an internet broadband connection. All these products are available at low prices, and the product competitiveness is excellent as all the products are used on a daily basis.

To sign on as a business associate of 5LINX, a one time fee of $499 has to be paid. Then a monthly charge of $49.99 has to be paid. The company also charges an annual renewal fee of $99. All these charges may make your head spin, but the compensation plan offered by 5LINX is worth all the investment. The company offers wacky incentives like leased BMW’s, vacations, monthly allowances and company stock. While the company does not claim to provide a lot of monetary returns, enough money can be earned to pay the monthly and annual fee.

5LINX has had staggering revenue gains over the years. The company had revenue of $46 million and expects to cross the $50 million mark even after the effects of the recession in 2009. The company has featured in the Rochester TOP 100 at #2 in 2009, after 4 consecutive years of making the list. The company is slowing making its way in the more than $400 billion dollar a year telecommunication industry.

For its business associates, Globalinx has a lot of support material, and its customer service is reputed to be one of the best. The company gives brochures, product sheets and flyers to the business associates to help them sell the products. Some DVD content is also available, and many accessories like a laptop carry case are given out by 5LINX/Globalinx. 5LINX also publishes a magazine called the Vanguard 3 times a year. This magazine has all the information about the latest breakthroughs in the telecommunication industry. The magazine is to help the associates grow their business.

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