7 Reasons to Use WordPress As Your Blogging Platform


So you have decided to start blogging. Good for you! The first decision is which blogging platform to use. The two most popular are Blogger and WordPress. For anyone wanting to build a professional website rather than just a blog, WordPress is the one to use.

1. WordPress is your personality. It is all about you. You have hundreds of themes available that can be used to make your blog personal. This will give you an Internet presence that represents you as a writer. WordPress themes are very flexible and can be customized to your niche. However, if you tire of it you can change it with a simple click of your mouse.

2. PLUGINS! Plugins are an easy way to really customize your blog. You can add contact forms, SEO, photo resources, ad boxes and banners, site statistics, and so much more. Most WordPress plugins are free. The list is long and growing every day.

3. Performance is the best. As you know, not every blogger is an expert at creating websites. In fact, it can be overwhelming. WordPress has changed all of that by making it super simple to create a site. On top of that, they offer forums, references, and support that can help get you where you want to be.

4. Permalinks will help get you found. WordPress creates a unique and permanent link to each specific blog. In addition, you can create a Permalink to each page and/or each post. In other words, you can really drill it down to get recognition.

5. Pagination allows you to create pages that separate your material in order to provide additional information. You can create Contact Me, Privacy Policy, or About Me pages to give your readers a bit of info about you.

6. Pathways Back is a way for you to leave a comment on another blog and WordPress will then automatically provide a link to your blog for everyone to see. This is great for growing traffic.

7. Ping Back is a tool that notifies search engines that you have a new post on your blog. All you need to do is add a plugin and adjust your settings and you will get more searches.

These are just a few reasons bloggers prefer WordPress. You will need to look at both Blogger and WordPress to determine which platform is best for you. WordPress prides itself on being very user friendly and is always working on improving what they have created.

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