iLearning Global Bull SH** – Another MLM Company Goes Under


I found myself shocked yesterday when I heard the news that a IlearningGlobal was shutting its doors to the MLM industry. We only received an email. Can you imagine that? No calls or Webinars just an email. The reason I was shocked so much was because this company has a solid product, and had some pretty MASSIVE Team Builders working hard to grow the company. I was part of the #1 team. Between myself, my good friend and other leaders in iLG we dominating the company. Even an ex-school teacher was earning six figures.

I was using iLG as my daily business training. However iLearning Global wasn’t my primary business.  My primary business is a 17 years old company that allows us to earn residual income on public utility bills every single month. As you may have guess it, everyone pays public utilities. Utlilities such as Gas, Electricity, Phone, Internet & Cable T.V.  Boy I’m I glad I continue to build my primary company. This should be a learning lesson for the entire MLM industry. Don’t rely on a company or leader. Learn how to market and gain strong leadership skills. Some of the reps inside of iLG didn’t know where to turn after the announcement was made. Some were depending on the leaders to guide them with the next great business opportunity. With that been said, the great thing was that through this crises there was a strong bond between reps that was created. This really give us a chance to get to know one other on a personal level. We formed a mastermind skype chat groups and stayed connect while critical choices were been made. (If you would like to be added to my mastermind group My skype ID: is randychambliss)

I don’t really want to focus on  iLearning Global, but rather the importance of the “You INC” business model. Now let’s change gears, when you’ve mastered how to market you can build any business. LIKE ATTRACT LIKE PERIOD. In order for leaders to join your organization first you have to become a leader. You have to work on yourself. Read business books, CD’s & attend webinars or teleseminars. As you grow through self development and put those skills to action you’ll find your team sponsoring other leaders.

In closing, if you only learn one thing from this article I want you to master this…


Imagine, having great friendships with just 5% of iLG’s reps. Friendships that’s based on value & integrity. Now imagine how many of your iLG friends would have joined you in your primary business. So start building relationships now with other Networkers, so when this happens again and it will happen, you’ll be in position to  exploded your organization.

Randy Chambliss
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