Is ACN A Scam Or Not?


ACN, which stands for American Communications Network, is a global seller of telecommunication services. It was started in 1993 by four businessmen Greg Provenzano, Tony Cupisz, Robert Stevanovski and Mike Cupisz. It has grown today from a small company to the worlds largest direct seller of telecommunication services.

The four founders continue to actively participate in the working of the company. Greg Provenzano is now the ACN President, Tony Cupisz is the Vice President of ACN, Robert Stevanovski is the ACN Chairman and Mike Cupisz is the Vice President. Their goal was to build a company based on ethics and a good compensation plan. They have combined their collective experience in the network marketing sector and have tried to build ACN as a model and ideal company.

ACN was recently praised by Donald Trump and two of the founders were invited for the Celebrity Apprentice show with Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a legendary American business magnate, and the company getting his recommendation is quite a commendable feat.

ACN has a strong range of products, all related to telecommunication services. It offers products and services like the Digital Phone Service, Wireless network, Local and Long Distance Calling facilities, internet service, Home Security, and Satellite TV. Their front runner product is the IRIS 3000 Video Phone with ACN Digital Phone Service. This phone has received a lot of media coverage and is a cutting age and innovative product will all the latest features like a big screen, a good camera, and video mail. It works with the VOIP technology.

ACN offers competitive services to consumers and businesses in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Their global sales are handled by their affiliates or Independent Business Representatives, who receive commissions. It is a top earner with revenues amounting to more than five hundred million dollars per year, and with a strong growth rate in double digit figures.

For a business opportunity, ACN deserves a close evaluation. While the steep joining fee of $499 dollars has been shrouded in controversy, it is still a competitive fee. ACN provides their representatives with necessary training and information about their products. The independent business representatives are anything but independent. The company has laid down strict guidelines for their conduct. Direct selling on the part of the representatives is prohibited, which means that they cannot bypass ACN and sell on their own. Acquiring customers forcefully is also not tolerated, and cold marketing is also a strict no-no.

Earning potential is through three sources. Representatives of ACN can earn money through Presonal Residual Income, Overriding Residual Income and through Customer Acquisition Bonuses (known as CAB’s). Through the Personal Residual Income, a small percentage (1%-10%) of the monthly service bill is given to the representative as commission. Overriding Residual Income is the money earned through the team assembled by the representative.

The representative gets a small percentage of commission from each of the customers gotten by his team members. CAB is also a great way to earn money. Whenever a member of the team or the representative himself finds a new customer, a bonus is obtained. With ACN, expect no miracles but hard work and equally hard earned money.

Randy Chambliss
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