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We are truly honored to have you all a part of ISN Coins and Team NoLimit. Together we can achieve something special for all of us and our families. We have been truly trying to put together the best plan we can for everyone’s future. We feel this new plan is the best in the industry, one of the main problems in our industry is people leaving from not having enough money in the comp plan to keep them active. We brought together eight leaders of the industry and worked together as a team to be able to offer the best pay plan for the least cost. We feel we have done this with our new plan. We are getting a lot of people who cannot believe the money that now can be made. We have to be honest with you all, we don’t like to make any more changes than you do, but change is a part of life and change means growth. If we are not changing we are not growing, most people don’t like change, but if we are going to be the best we can be, we must be constantly looking for better ways of helping you run a more profitable business.

If a new member now pays, the $149 and only brings in 4 people, that’s $160 back to them, plus $12.00 for each one that’s $48.00, which equals $208.00 for only 4 new people. They are then qualified to be in the first global pool, allowing them to share $2 from every Collector Rep Autoshipment in the global organization. Yes, it cost more to join, but people who now go to work, will be able to get back into profit much quicker. So they can get free silver quicker. People can still come in and just purchase the coin. If people can not afford the $149.00 the first month then $99.00 per month after that or so, they can come as a direct sales rep and only pay $19.95 per month for the website and back office and start to build their business. When they bring in 4 or 5 people, most of the cost will now be covered, then they can up grade at anytime. If you are a collector rep now you will not have to pay the one time $49.95. You will only have to pay the cost of the coin each month plus $49.95 for the software and back office, plus shipping. After Jan. 2011, every new member will have to come in at one of the 3 levels I just explained. The collector rep will be at $149.00 the first month and after the first month will be the cost of the coin, plus shipping and $49.95 per month for software. The other $49.95 is only the first month of a new member. I hope this helps.

We are very excited to announce that starting this Tuesday the 14th and every Tuesday after that we will be having a weekly members only call, plus some training. These calls will help you stay informed and up to date to allow you to operate your business more successfully. We are looking to keep these a calls as brief as we can. We feel it is very important to keep each of you informed on what is happening at ISN Coins. Our regularly weekly conference calls are not changing. This new weekly member call can be heard at 8:00 pm eastern time at 1-805-360-1000, then enter in Access code: 459825# Then our regularly weekly conference call we be at the same time as normal, 9:00 eastern time at 1-605-477-3000, access code: 835800#. Remember our weekly conference calls are only for us to able to bring on our new people who are looking to learn more about the business you operate through ISN Coins. One thing we would like for all of you do to, to help us out… we are getting tons of calls at the 800#, we are not against taking your calls, but if at all possible, if you can email us, so we can get back to you as we get time. Almost everything can be done through your personal back office and if you are not sure how to utilize it please listen to the training. This way we will be able to keep the lines open for new people.

ISN Coins would like to thank all of you for your efforts. One person can only do so much, but with all of us working as a team we can change lives, and that is something special. We are truly blessed to be involved with ISN Coins at this stage of our company. In 2011 we will be experiencing tremendous growth with ISN Coins. Now is your time to put together a plan to capitalize on your share of that growth.

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Randy Chambliss
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