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The new thought movement is spiritual movement which dates back to the 19th century, and was composed of many smaller movements led by eminent personalities of that time. It originated in the United States, and is composed of believers in the metaphysical. This movement promotes the benefit of positive thinking. One of the things in which those involved in this movement believe in is the Laws of Attraction.

The main idea behind the Laws of Attraction is that the human thought has control over the human reality. The Laws of Attraction is thus simple. What you really want and think about is what you really get. Believers think of the laws of attraction as the most powerful law in the universe. They say that it demonstrated the power wielded by any human over his destiny and his life. All the things happening in the life of any individual are said to be happening because the individual is visualizing these things.

The Laws of Attraction is neutral laws, neither positive nor negative, and is always in balance. The positive or negative thoughts that give it the energy to work emanate from the human consciousness and the law acts on these. The thoughts that are dominant in any mind manifest and follow the Laws of Attraction. These thoughts may be positive or negative, they manifest anyway. The Laws of Attraction does not discriminate.

Everything happening in a person’s life is said to follow the Laws of Attraction. The person may desire a car, a raise, a house and any other numerous things. For this the person expends energy and thought on these dreams and expectations. The more the thought the person expends on these things, the more the laws of attraction comes into play. The person must believe that he will be getting what he wants and be able to visualize it and pray and think about it. His thoughts attract what he wants. He makes his own reality.

The Laws of Attraction can be briefly explained as ‘Thoughts about things attract the things’. The Laws of Attraction is said to work because of the subjective reality the human race lives in. Everything that happens around us is understood and interpreted in the mind. Thus, humans live in the mind. The mind has therefore the ultimate power and control over the life of humans. What the mind wants, the mind gets, with maybe a little divine intervention and a lot of belief.

With a lot of followers, the Laws of Attraction can be hard to discredit or to prove. The Laws of Attraction can be a powerful force with which a whole life can be changed for the better.

The Laws of attraction is quite basic if all its implications and clauses are considered.  It is basically a metaphysical concept but one which a lot of people find hard to understand. I help my students  understand the basic meaning and also the undercurrents of the laws of attraction and apply it to building their Business. One thing that sets me apart is the fact that he can explain this apparently complex metaphysical concept in simple terms and by using examples which make the grasping process easier. Attraction Marketing is one of the most over looked marketing concepts in the world today. Many dynamic businesses has failed because they didn’t have any new leads to talk to. You will learn how to use the same laws of attraction to generate an endless flow of laser targeted leads to your business every single day.


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