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LightYear Alliance is a Telecom Network Marketing company. Started by Sherman Henderson in the month of October in 2003, it has seen more than 6 years of successful business. The aim of Lightyear Alliance, as set by Henderson, was to become the largest provider of VoIP technology in the world. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, LightYear Alliance has successfully used the Internet combined with a Network Marketing system, has managed to generate a turnover of around 10 million dollars a month since its inception.
The thing that sets Lightyear Alliance apart from other network marketing companies is that it has an extremely generous compensation plan. Let us look into a few of their figures. Lightyear Alliance offers a bonus of 20 dollars to anyone who fetches them a VoIP customer. They give their managers a 100 dollar bonus when they recruit someone, thus giving them an instant opportunity to earn money. This 100 dollar bonus is exclusive of the 20 dollar customer bonus. What’s more is that the recruitment bonus increases with promotions.
The main reason why Lightyear Alliance is so successful is that it has successfully been able to target the right kind of people. Almost someone on some corner of the world is using cell phones, home telephones, business phones or the internet. Thus Lightyear Alliance has a larger base of customers as opposed to those Network marketing companies dealing with, say life insurance or skin care products. The reason why

Lightyear Alliance is so successful is because its representatives get paid if their customers use their phones or the internet to make bill payments. Nowadays, almost everyone does so, and this trend is fast catching up with people who are not already in the bandwagon. This shows that Lightyear Alliance has a bright and strong future as more and more people will start using their services, as opposed to companies selling skin care or nutritional products, where customers are sparse.
But there have been a few talks here and there about it being involved in certain marketing scams. There are claims that Lightyear Alliance went bankrupt, and was heavily in debt after investing in technologies that had quickly become outdated.
But looking at the brighter side, they have quickly developed their resources by focusing their energies in the right direction and have started the Lightyear Wireless, where they are using their own VoIP technology, seeing how the popularity of VoIP is increasing and that of the conventional phone lines is decreasing.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the most popular and revolutionary innovations in the world of telecommunication. VoIP has made transcontinental telecommunication a piece of cake and this amazing new technology is here to stay and make a big impact.
Lightyear Alliance is surely on the track of becoming one of the largest communications moguls in the world in the near future. Telecommunication is already one of the biggest sectors in the world and also one of the fastest growing sectors. Thus the future looks bright for a company as inventive and aggressive as LightYear Alliance to prosper and ring in a new period of boom and innovation in the world of telecommunications.

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