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Mark Yarnell is a world renowned personality. He is a famous author, having written many books, is an accomplished orator, and is acknowledged as an international business leader. He, with help from his wife and partner Valerie, has mentored many would be home based entrepreneurs with great success. He is said to have earned about 30,000,000 over the period of 20 years.

Mark Yarnell is an old hand at network marketing, having gathered about twenty one years of network marketing experience. His career achievement is impressive with a distribution network organization of more than three hundred thousand representatives in more than 20 countries around the world. His fame mostly comes from his stint in NuSkin and a company called Legacy for Life.  He has worked hard to achieve great success and has started from earning very little to almost 300k each month at the end of his stints with both the companies.

Mark is the co founder of the Holy Grail of Network Marketing tm. This is a guide written and published which helps entrepreneurs make a successful, healthy business organization for themselves. The series of books provides explanations on the correct strategy to form a business and the path to follow for its growth. Also, there are tips and tricks which borrow from Marks personal experience to help the start ups to successfully recruit and gather a strong team of dedicated professionals. Mark is not afraid to put the point across bluntly while telling people how to succeed. He believes that talking to over 30 people a day is the best way to promote any business, so that people start talking about the business and it can succeed

Mark is famous for the speeches he delivers in North America, Asia and Europe. The list of the best selling volumes authored by him includes the ever popular “Self Wealth”, “Your Best Year in Network Marketing” and “Your First Year in Network Marketing”. The third book is probably the best known and provides a lot of information on the marketing industry.

Mark is considered to be a respected advocate of the Network Marketing Industry. Mark remains the first and also the only person from the marketing industry who has been a contributing editor of the Success Magazine. Along with the esteemed Dr. Charles King of Harvard University, he has created the first course in certification of Network Marketing which is now taught at University of Illinois, Chicago and also in Seoul, Korea since the year 1993.

Mark has been awarded and recognized internationally over the course of his illustrious career. The awards he has received include the “American Dream Award”. He has been named as the greatest ‘networker’ of the World by the Upline Magazine. He is a living legend in the field of network marketing. Mark has also been honored with a placement into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame.

Mark Yarnell is undoubtedly one of the best business and network marketeering authors in the world. However it is quite possible that at times some readers and prospective network marketers find it hard to comprehend some of his theories or at times are not on the same wavelength. I give solutions to my students who at times do not understand what Yarnell is trying to say. I’m a much studied person who has extensive knowledge in the business of networking and also multi level marketing. I renowned to provide my students with incisive tips and explanations which will in turn help them to find their own place in the world of network marketing and multi level marketing.

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