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I was in search for a good mastermind group in my area to join when I stumbled across a global mastermind group. I found an online group to join. This is more convenient for me due to my busy schedule . The mastermind group is called iLearning Global.

I was introduce to the group by my business partner Mr. David Wood.  Basically, I like to call it a community of super sharp entrepreneurs that comes together and share business strategies that works & encourage one another in these tough economic times. The information is presented through new technology’s such as HD videos, e-books & group chats online. Their are some hard hitting speakers that’s dedicated to offer massive value to the group. To name a few speakers, I have learned from Brian Tracey, Jay Abraham, Steve Convent and many more business success coaches.

The online portals allows me to the freedom to log into my membership online and  study any subject that I want to increase my skills in 24 hours a day. To be around like minded individual is truly a desire of minds. You have to understand that like attract like. In other word you are what your friends are. If you want to become a doctor than you have to surround yourself around doctors. If you desire to be a successful entrepreneur than you have to surround yourself with individuals that has a successful business.

mastermind1Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich, wrote about how Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison  and Andrew Carnegie started a mastermind group. This group was vital to all their successes. Ever since that time numerous mastermind groups has been created all over the world. This concept of sharing business ideas to continue to learn and grow your business skills has really become a critical part of our lives if we  want to be marketable in today’s economy. The more you learn the more you earn. The only way you will be successful in the time we’re living in is to be marketable. You have to brand yourself and give massive value away on the front end.eople don’t

You see people don’t like to be sold to, but they like to buy!

So you have to add massive value to yourself and pass alone your value to your new prospects. This is called Attraction Marketing. mastermind2 Where you’re giving so much value away for free to your potential customers they will want to do business with you because they can only imagine how much more will they learn from you ones they do business with you. Remember you are a problem solver. That’s the definition of an entrepreneur. You solve other people problems for money. Now, you have to decide if you’re going to help a few people for a small profit or if you’re going to hired employees and help 1000′s of individuals for a massive amount of profit.

However, let’s be clear here. Before you can solve someones else’s problems you have first have the answers. Thats where a true mastermind group comes into play. Again, I have searched and attended many groups but I found that the best one that meets my needs is the one I found online with is iLearning Global. Consider this a personal invitation from me to you visit, MyGlobalMastermindGroup dot com to join the community.

Randy Chambliss

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