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MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. A MLM company is a company working on multiple levels with various representatives to sell their product to consumers by marketing strategy. MLM companies are very popular and enjoy a lot of coverage as a way to earn money through compensation plans. There are many companies operating throughout the world today and many of them enjoy a lot of success.

A MLM company is very different from the ordinary company. In traditional companies, a limited number of sales persons work under the sales manager. They are employed by the company, and are limited in number. In a MLM company the number of sales persons is potentially unlimited. This is because a MLM company works by starting a chain of recruitment. The MLM Company starts by recruiting one person. This person is the sales affiliate or representative. The person is then allowed to recruit other sales people and receives commission. Thus an MLM company does not work solely on the finances it itself can generate, but relies on the resources of the people it can hire. The sales representatives pass on the knowledge they possess to new recruits. The sales representatives are paid commissions on the number of sales generated, number of recruitments, a percentage of the sales generated by the people they have recruited, etc.  This allows the MLM Company to expand rapidly by generating a lot of sales by getting a high number of sales representatives in the field.

While there are specialized MLM leads companies, some normal companies dabble in the MLM field. This is because along with the internet, mail, shops and telemarketing, MLM is considered as a top way to promote and distribute goods or services. The representatives of a company using MLM can generate sales using all the other methods side by side.

Using a MLM leads strategy is one of the best ways to sell products & sponsor reps.. This reduces the amount of money and effort the company has to put into selling the product. The sales representatives get commission for selling the product, while the company pockets the rest of the profit made by selling the product. It’s a win-win situation all round. Also in a MLM leads based business, all business tricks and strategies get spread around. Everyone involved gains insight about how to develop a successful business. So it can be said that the MLM strategy is conducive to the spread of business and products to the world.

The MLM concept has received a lot of flak. While in an ideal way, MLM companies can be beneficial. But in the real world it is almost always the MLM Company which reaps the benefits, while its sales representatives suffer. The commissions generated by the representatives are paltry, and the success stories, few and far between, are over hyped. A very low percentage of the sales representatives generate profitable commission. MLM is often accused of being an open scam.

While MLM may or may not be a scam, it continues to be popular and using MLM is one of the fastest ways in which a product can be sold.

Randy Chambliss
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