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MLM Network Marketing Leads are the heart to any online business online. If you have no leads to talk to, you don’t have a business plain and simple. This is a emotional topic for majority of people in the network marketing industry because no one wants to admit that they have no leads for their business so most people fake it until they make it. This is the wrong way to do business, so make sure your not faking it until you make it because you will soon be out of business if you don’t find a solution to your lack of lead flow problem. The best way to generate MLM Network Marketing Leads for your business is to generate them yourself through attraction marketing over the Internet. I know it sounds so simple and to good to be true but there are many ways to get leads for your business, all you have to do is find a internet marketing strategy that is best for you and focus on that until you master it. Ignore all the other internet marketing strategies by only focusing on the one that is best for you to master starting off. Here is a list of internet marketing strategies for you to consider: Pay Per Click, LinkdIn, BetterNetworker, Direct Matches, Articles, Ezines, Viral Url, Pay Per View, Banner Ads, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter plus many more. A lot of these that I listed are cost effective. or free to use except Pay Per Click which can cost you a lot of money especially when you don’t know what your doing. I recommend getting educated in one area of marketing before spending tons of money on Pay Per Click.

I believe the most effective way to generate MLM Network Marketing Leads is articles because your producing valuable content for potential prospects to read which will position you as a expert in the network marketing industry. This method cost very little money to do, and all you need to buy is the article submitter software that will submit your articles to hundreds of article directories for you with a click of the button. The article submitter software I’m referring to cost around $100, and will provide you insane amounts of traffic, but you have to do it on a consistent basis to have results with it. Also, you can hire article writers to write articles for you, so you can get more done in less time creating leverage for your business. You can also post the articles to a blog, and this method allows you to put fresh valuable content for readers to read which will increase your page rankings in the Google Search Engine. MLM Network Marketing Leads are not hard to generate, it just takes work and remaining consistent with one marketing strategy until you master it in the form of having it on autopilot. A lot of people fail with remaining consistent with marketing because 80 percent of any marketing will not bear any income results to your business, but 20 percent of your most important tasks in business will generate 100 percent of your business income.


Here is the moment of clarity for anyone choosing to generate your own MLM Network Marketing Leads, and you comes down to having a marketing plan with a monthly budget. You must have a marketing business plan where you will make a commitment to generate leads for your business, and learn how to market your business using the “You” Inc business model by leveraging the power of the Internet. The “You” Inc business model is when you don’t pitch your business opportunity to prospects on the front end, but you lead with your setup affiliate marketing system in place which can be easily duplicated, and people can plug right into it. So, with that said if you forget everything I discuss in this article, always remember that generating leads is easy but focus on remaining consistent with one marketing strategy until you master it, and have it on autopilot.

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Randy Chambliss
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