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Multi Level Marketing or MLM is a business marketing structure which uses the multiple levels of people who are part of the structure to help promote and sell products or services. The use of the MLM structure and strategy is a great way to distribute products. It allows the product to be distributed large distances around the world, and along with direct sales through shops, the internet, mail, etc. is a top ranking medium of distribution.

A MLM works simply by forming a self feeding chain of people. A person is recruited to act as a sales representative. The sales representative is given training on marketing and business strategy. He is given knowledge about the product to be sold. He is then told to sell the product by acquiring new customers or leads. Once the sales representative starts selling goods, he receives a small percentage as commission. He is also encouraged to recruit new people who will act as new sales representatives for the company. This sales representative transforms into a sales manager when he recruits new people and he starts receiving a percentage of the sales made the people he has recruited. The new person he recruits is called a downline, or a team member. The sales representative has to give training to the new recruit, who in turn passes on the training. The recruits also have a chance to earn commission by selling goods and recruiting new people in the business. Thus new people keep coming in and a way to opens up by which the product can be distributed and sold effectively by a dedicated team of independent businesses.

While theoretically a lot of commission money can be earned by becoming a part of the MLM business structure, it is not always true in the real world. A very small number of people manage to earn a respectable sum of money which can grant them financial independence. MLM training teaches a sales representative to create competitors for him by recruiting new people. The commission earned through the recruits is paltry and does not justify the recruitment. In short, the sales representative is digging his own grave by recruiting others. While the recruitment strategy would be effective if the market demand was extremely high, this is generally not the case. The company is the one who reaps the most advantages by selling its product or service through a large expanding medium. The sales representatives have to buy the product from the MLM Company before selling it, so the representatives are also the consumers. Even if the product has no demand, the MLM Company gets money through the representatives. In a way the business representatives’ act as some sort of insurance for the company using the entire process of Multi Level Marketing.

While being a part of a MLM organization is a promising experience, it is always better to found a company selling products through MLM than being a small inconsequential part of a MLM. This does not mean that MLM is always a scam. It is possible to earn money through MLM. But for that, a superb personality and great business marketing skills have to be developed. Complete knowledge and up to date strategies have to be known and understood. Succeeding in the cut throat MLM industry requires hard work and years of dedication.

Randy Chambliss
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