Network Marketing Is A Numbers Game – Sort Don’t Sell



Sorting Vs. Selling

The reality is that this business is about sorting rather than a selling. You’re sorting out the ones who are easy to speak with from the ones who aren’t. You’re sorting out the people who are receptive to a new way to earn more money and have more time from those who are overly skeptical or negative. Your goal is not to convince or persuade people that they should be interested. Rather, you’re simply sorting through your contact list to see which people on your list already have an interest in learning more. It’s like sorting M&M’s. If you are only looking for the red ones, you go through your bag of M&M’s and separate out the ones you want from the ones you don’t. You do not spend time or energy attempting to convince green M&M’s to turn red. Nor do you try and paint others to look red. You simply go through your M&M’s and look for red ones.

You should do the same thing. Unfortunately, people aren’t wearing big signs to tell you what color M&M they are, so you must go through your entire list and follow the steps. They will reveal what kind of M&M they are once you give them a chance. Don’t try to convince the ‘greenies’ on your contact list to turn red. Look for ones who are already red. Let them tell you what kind of M&M they are.


This Is A Numbers Game

Some people feel defeated if a prospect tells them no. In the long run, it doesn’t matter. Your job is not to make decisions for people. Your job is to invite your contacts to evaluate our opportunity and then to work with the ones who are interested. In the most sale training systems that uses the  ‘Go For No’ approach  people are taught to deliberately continue making  invitations each day, until they’ve gotten a pre-set number of people to tell them NO. Continuing to make invitations will inevitably lead to those who say YES.
No matter how good you are. No matter what skill level you achieve. No matter how much success you enjoy. Some people will just not be receptive to your message. It’s all part of the process. The more people you contact, the better your results. If you let yourself get discouraged easily, you’ll miss out on all the wonderful benefits you joined your business to receive. But if you understand that
some people will say ‘Yes’ and others will say ‘No’, then you’ll have the right attitude to achieve your true potential. You must keep a positive attitude and stay focused on the reasons you got into your business in the first place. Keep yourself positive even when others try to put down your goals. Some people get a kick out of stomping on your dreams. Don’t let it get you down.

SW4: Some Will. Some Won’t. So What. So Who’s Next!

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