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paul-orberson-fhtm Paul Orberson is a big name in the network marketing history. He was one of the biggest and the fastest earners in the network marketing industry, when he was part of a company called Excel. Currently, Paul Orberson concentrates on teaching and helping people so that they can build their own successful business.

Paul was born in Lexington, Kentucky and raised there. Starting off on his unusually varied career, he was a coach for various sport teams and also was a high school teacher. Paul always had a passion for teaching and guiding the teams he coached to victory. He was never a big earner, and supporting a family on the small salary he received every month was a challenge. After a while Paul realized that to provide a better life for his family, something had to be done.

In the year 1990, Paul joined a small, growing star up company called Excel. Paul had a vision, and he set targets and goals for himself and the company and carried them out with grit and determination. In a few years, the hard work paid off and the company was catapulted into the billion dollar league, distinguishing itself in the field of network marketing and was listed in the NYSE for public trading.

Paul realized that the company had made a big mistake as soon as it had been put up for public trading. He had a firm belief that for a company of this kind, the money should always go to the representatives. He foresaw that the company would go bankrupt, and he decided to leave the company to its own devices. Soon after, the company went bankrupt, and Paul was proved right in his belief.

During his time in Excel, his paycheck had been increasing constantly till it hit the million dollar mark, and stayed there consistently. During this time, he was and is considered to be the most successful person in the field of network marketing. He retired after quitting the company.

Soon after, Paul decided that his life had a new goal to attain. He decided to teach people and help them attain the same level of financial security that he had achieved. So he created FHTM which stands for Fortune High Tech Marketing. FHTM began with partnering various high profile companies like Travelocity and Verizon among others. It now offers services in many areas like communications, technology, and nutrition to name a few.

FHTM prides itself on paying back about 98% of the revenue generated back to the representatives. Thanks to this astounding statistic, Paul Orberson has become a legend and his vision provides hope to innumerable people.

Paul Orberson is really one of the high priests of network marketing. It is very hard to emulate the example of such a towering personality. However I’m one person who can teach people what to learn from such a visionary marketer as Orberson. I promises to teach and provide my clients with the exact qualities and knowledge that made Orberson such a visionary figure in the world of multi level marketing and also one of the best ‘networkers’ in the world.

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