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The Ridiculously Easy Strategy Of Getting Leads Using A Simple Post-It Note.

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So here’s the deal: Are you ready to learn another low cost marketing method to build any business? Well, a good friend of minds put together this powerful training that I just had to share with you. Larry have been giviing away golden nuggets about marketing for some time. Now he’s sharing more marketing tips with you today…

Here’s Larry…

Is it possible to actually get leads for your  business using a simple Post-It Note? Well, let me share with you what happened to me…

I sat down and formulated an entire marketing strategy around the use of a simple Post-It Note and an ink stamp. It couldn’t get any more low-tech than that, right? The main reason why I decided to dive into developing this strategy is because so many people out here want to get leads for their “Secret Stash Factory” business, but are caught up in learning how to use the internet via attraction marketing, or are attempting to do it without “killing off” their friends and family.

There are also a ton of folks who have no budget for marketing, yet are hungry for growth in their business. So, this strategy in my opinion is the perfect solution.

I went over to Staples and had a professional ink stamp made. Cost: $20. I then headed over and got a pack of Post-It Notes (130 count – Cost: $4). With these two “sophisticated” tools, I went to work.

I stamped a simple 4-line message on the Post-It Note and went out in the marketplace to distribute them in various high traffic places. Here’s what happened…

At aproximately 6:30 am, I posted my first pack of “mobile classifieds” on my way to Toledo to visit my kids, which is a 2.5 hour drive. Within 30 minutes of me posting my first mobile classified, my phone started to ring.

I couldn’t believe it! I had so many calls that I had to contact one of my reps to field those calls and schedule appointments to share our primary MLM opportunity with them. Since I was headed on an 8-day cruise sponsored by my primary opportunity, I wasn’t able to receive any phone calls while out in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean.

When I returned home, my voice mail was full of people who had responded to mobile ads that I posted prior to cruising.

Since that initial testing period, I’ve developed an entire marketing strategy around this whole idea of a Post-It Note and it’s getting some amazing feedback.

One of the top blogging experts in the world and my good friend, Tracey Walker, was blown away when I explained the details of this strategy to her. She was so fired up that she decided to implement the strategy ON THE SPOT!

Here’s what’s cool about this strategy: 1) It’s ridiculously cheap to start; 2) You can implement it literally in minutes; 3) It is 100% duplicatable; 4) It is literally rejection-proof; 5) You can get qualified leads within one hour or less

So you’re probably wondering: What is the message that you’re putting on the Post-It Note that’s causing such a frenzy?

Good question. I actually have 4 simple lines that are rock solid with getting the phone to ring. None of that, “Fire Your Boss” or “Make Money From Home” crap. I hate to burst your bubble, but anyone who’s ever done that RARELY gets a call. Even if you do, you would have to distribute THOUSANDS of those messages before you even get one or two calls.

The reason is because that language is played out. What makes this so powerful is that it is using simple language that anyone hungry for more income can’t resist responding. I mean ANYONE.

With less than 50 mobile ads distributed I started to get calls asking for more information…

It reminds me of the time when I was talking to an associate who was concerned about the over-use of anti-bacterial soap. She said that germs are smart; they can build up a resistance to high-tech products designed to kill them, so using good ole’ fashioned soap is the best defense.

To me, this strategy is like using soap; low-tech, low-cost, high results. What would it mean for you to be able to get your newest rep into an active state of building for under $30 and in less than ONE HOUR? How would you like to personally revive your excitement by getting people to ring your phone, hungry and ready to listen to you?

As always, I hope this training helped you to market you business more productively…

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I’ll See You Over The Top!

Randy Chambliss


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