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Primerica Financial Services is a multi level marketing company operating out of Georgia, America. It is the largest financial services provider currently operating in the USA. It was founded more than 3 decades ago by Arthur L. Williams. The company is most famous for their “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” slogan which inspired thousands of American middle class families to purchase insurance. The company is riding on years of experience and success, with many success stories, but whispers of the Primerica scam keep floating around in the MLM world. To assess whether Primerica Financial Services is a scam, the services provided and the business opportunity offered have to be analyzed.

Primerica believes in keeping life insurance and investments separate from each other. Primerica Financial Services are truly trying to explain to people how to save money and how to invest the money that has been saved. Primerica had once upon a time come up with a revolutionary idea that has become a part of the insurance industry today.

This idea is for families to purchase insurance which they can afford. The money they can save through this purchase can be invested and be allowed to grow. Primerica has also introduced the rule of 72. The rule of 72 is something unique. If the number 72 is divided by the interest rate on any amount, the number of years that the amount will take to double is obtained.

With the increasing rate of interest, the number of years needed for the money to double fall drastically. Thus, with an interest rate increase of 0.5% can make a difference. With Primerica, as with any other life insurance company, risks have to be taken on the money. People have lost money by investing with Primerica, as high interest rates means higher risks. This has given rise to the notion that Primerica is nothing but a scam. This is not true. Primerica is genuine. People have made a lot of money with Primerica, and many people continue to make money with Primerica.

Primerica provides services like debt consolidation loans, equity investment services and life insurance services. Primerica insures more than 4.3 million people. More than 2 million clients have investments accounts with Primerica. The asset value of the clients with Primerica is estimated at more than $25 billion. Primerica pays out $2.5 million as claims every single day. All these statistics go a long way in proving that Primerica’s services are genuine.

Agents associated to Primerica made an estimated $6,220 on average in the year 2008. The money made varies according to the number of licenses obtained, the activity initiated by the agent and the level on which he receives the contract. There are many success stories associated with Primerica. Primerica concentrates on the recruitment of clients, which can be called a flaw.

The Primerica Financial Services is estimated to be worth more than $9 billion, and was worth $7 billion in 2008. This is a staggering gain of $2 billion through the recession. Primerica is not a scam and provides for a genuine business opportunity.

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