Primerica Scam Review; STOP Don’t Read This Unless You’re Serious About Joining Primerica!


There are rumors going around that Primerica maybe a Scam. When I heard about this, I started to investigate immediately. As an entrepreneur I like to know what’s going around, that’s why I created this Primerica Scam Review.

Primerica began it’s journey in 1977 as A.L. Williams a company dedicated to change the life insurance industry. By term and invest the rest is their model. The company is located in Duluth, Georgia employs more than 120,000 independent representatives and serves over six million clients through out United States, Canada, Spain, and Puerto Rico.

Primerica is a subsidiary of Citigroup that markets financial service products from companies such as CitiMortgage, Citibank, AIM investments and Smith & Barney‘s. In addition, Primerica offers a Free Financial Needs Analysis ( FHA ) to all of their potential clients. This takes a snap shot of their potential clients current financial situation. Therefore, this gives their independent representative a starting point so they can began laying out game plan & road map for their furture financial needs.

How can you tell the difference between a company that’s legitimate and one who just want’s to scam you? This Primerica Scam Review  looks at the authenticity of the Primerica Opportunity, company and products, so that people can perform their due diligence and make the correct decision after they bear all of their evidence.

Primerica created a way to help individuals to increase their life insurance converge, decrease their monthly premiums and set up a mutual fund for their clients all with the same monies their prospects were already paying.


Client A pay’s $80 a month for their Whole Life Insurance premium for only $50,000 in converge.

Primerica may be able to redirect that $80 to benefit the client needs more effectively. Primerica may offer a Term Life policy for only $50 a month for $300,000 of converge, giving them 4x the coverage.  In addition they would enroll client into a mutual fund for the remaining $30. Again Buy Term and invest the rest . Can you see the big picture here? However keep in mind that this is not actual numbers from Primerica just an example I‘m using.

Here’s The MILLION DOLLAR Question; Is Primerica A SCAM or NOT?

NO! Primerica is NOT a SCAM! They are a legit company that uses the network marketing distribution model to reach their clients. In other words they have built their organization through word of mouth ( Referrals ).

They meets all the standard guideline issued by the FTC that regulates the network marketing and direct sales industry. All independent representatives has to hold a life insurance license from the state their working in.

However, what I have found is that Primerica are still teaching their (IR’s) old school marketing techiques suchs handing out business cards, fliers, meeting & pitching their business opportunity to EVERYONE that passes. These techiques worked in the 80′s & 90′s but this approach works Very Very MINUMIALLY in the information age. The Internet has made it an even playing field to market & BRAND yourself effectivly. Before the Internet Boom the only companies that were able to Brand theirselves where HUGE corperation like COCA-COLA, PEPSI etc.

The top earners in Primerica are not using these old school marketing techiques, they’re plugging into systems  outside of Primerica that allows them to have their own personal website that BRANDS them as a Leader. Their system has a sales funnel that allows them to generate income that pay’s for their marketing promotions. They understand the Power of using Atraction Marketing.

People will get started with YOU because of YOU, NOT your Business.

It’s because of this reason alone that the only thing you should be promoting on the front-end is YOU and the value YOU bring to the table. This is what is going to differentiate you from the Thousands of other Independent Representatives in Primerica  out there who are foolishly marketing Primerica’s replicated website and acting like every other high pressuring agent

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Randy Chambliss
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  1. I like your post. Your blog is fantastic.

  2. Coby G says:

    Good blog I would like to add, I work directly with one of the top earners in the company and i know he has not does not and will not use the internet to build his business.. he builds it the A.L. Williams way and went from $0 to $1 million in 8 years.. most people dont have what it takes to build it the A.L. Williams way but if you do you will be glad you did.. the A.L. Williams way takes a little longer, but builds you a solid foundation, ownership, and security.

  3. I’m now quite delighted after reading this post and also I agree with the final part of this post. However, I have read this specific elsewhere too. Have you got any other website too?

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