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Pur3x is a very new Multi Level Marketing company which was founded in 2010. Pure3x is based in Salt Lake City. The name Pure3x represents the purity and health signified by a range of “designer” health drinks, and also refers to the unique compensation plan which involves the recruitment of 3 distributors into the Pure3x paying club. The Pur3x Company was founded with two distinct goals in mind. The first goal was to design the world’s first ever designer line of beverages, all healthy and revolutionary and the second goal was that Pure3x wanted to provide its distributors with the most powerful and simple business opportunity in the world.

The health and energy drink industry is pushing multi-billions of dollars each year. Pure3x is trying to cash in this ever popular and ever expanding industry. Pur3x has two products, Renew and Revolution, which are in circulation today and one product, Passion, which is yet to come out.

Pure Renew is truly a revolutionary energy drink in a market that is flooded high with all sugar no punch ‘health’ beverages. Renew packs a lot of healthy vitamins, antioxidants, some cutting edge supplements and various fruits with great health benefits. It also contains caffeine for the extra energy boost and there are no crashes later when the energy wears down. Almost no sugar and very little calories make this health drink a very attractive choice. Pure Revolution also packs a lot of health benefits, and is a health drink made for daily consumption. 12 kinds of fruits and veggies, numerous vitamins and antioxidants are all packed into an 8.4 oz carbonated beverage.

Pur3x has a 3 x 12 Matrix for its compensation plan. Each new distributor is expected to bring 3 others into his club, so that he can begin to earn money. Each new distributor he recruits can also recruit 3 others to work under them. Thus the structure builds up, and a distributor can begin to earn increasing amounts of money. A Pur3x member gets a new website which gives him all the techniques and business resources he may need. Money is earned through commissions. Distributors are expected to buy the health beverages and sell them to customers at a profit. While this is no doubt lucrative, the real money starts to come in only if the distributor has managed to build a network of other distributors working under him. The network can be 12 levels deep, and if this network is achieved, then the distributor can literally earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Signing up as a Preferred Customer (PC) also earns the distributor some money.

Pur3x is a very new multi level marketing company. New marketing companies may or may not succeed. Success depends on a lot of factors, and Pur3x is surely trying to take steps in the right direction. If it does succeed, a distributor that has joined it at this early stage will literally be catapulted to the top of the heap.

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