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Who is Randy Chambliss?

If you’re on this page, you’ve probably been searching around through my posts reading my thoughts on various companies, opportunities, systems, and strategies – and you’ve finally reached a MOMENT where you asked the question – WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY?

Well, without bragging, stretching the truth, or feeding you a line of crap, let me tell you the truth about myself, my story, and how this AMAZING industry of Network Marketing changed my life, FOREVER, for the better – and what I can do for you.  Listen to this audio my friends – no holds barred story telling on what I REALLY went through, my background, and what happened that helped me become a Master Marketer.


Randy has a lot of Internet marketing experience under his belt and is a renowned marketing coach. His knowledge about the industry is formidable, and he has written a lot of articles and Blogs about Internet marketing. All of his experience has gone into the design of www.RandyChambliss.com. This is a website which caters to all the needs of marketing a business effectively and is the best part is that he gives away a tremendous amount of value for free.

The main problem that a business faces when he works with them is the lack of quality leads. Most business owners come into the industry with very little groundwork and very tall dreams. A large number of them find that marketing is not their piece of cake, and they end up with broken dreams and loosing thousands of dollars in the process. Of the thousands of dollars that they loose while trying to expand their business a lot go towards purchasing LEADS. This is monumental mistake. Leads should never be bought, but instead should always be generated. The big boys in the industry, those earning millions of dollars every year, subscribe to this view. But new business owners coming into the industry are not aware of this simple fact, due to their lack of knowledge. They fall prey to various companies always ready to milk another gullible business owners dry. Even if the business owners tries to generate leads on his own, he fails most of the times because he simply does not know how.

Randy Chambliss is aware of the lead generation problems that are plaguing almost all business owners today. He has been through these problems in his own time, and has come up with ways to help the business owners of today use the Internet as a marketing POWERHOUSE.


RandyChambliss.com is the result of a lot of hard work. It is regularly updated, and the business owners can hope to keep abreast of the latest business marketing opportunities here. All business owners will benefit immensely by referring to this website and the material they obtain here cannot be obtained anywhere else for free.

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