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Hey Guy’s, Randy Chambliss here, This article is about how to use and download Skype to your desk top or notebook. The reason why I choose to write this article was because I realize that the majority of my new leads I talk to over the phone are not familiar with Skype. Therefore, I felt that I had to share with you the 6 benefits of using Skype if you have a business.

1. I use Skype as my primary business phone. I have unlimited calls through out United States, Puerto Rico & Canada. You may laugh but my bill is $3.00 a month. Also I should mention that, Skype to Skype calls are free. Your family member or business partner could be across the world and the call will still  be free as long as both parties are using Skype.

2. Skype is also a video phone. You can literally see the person you’re talking to on your computer screen. This capability allows for you to have a more personal conversation to build that every so important trust.

3. Skype has instant messaging capability. I use this feature when I have need to answer or ask a quick question and I can upload files right over the “IM” chat. In addition to that, I can send links to critical websites that I want to share.

4. Skype has available an option to purchase a real business number from them for only $18 every 3 months. Your number will show up on your clients caller ID. You can print this number on your business cards, fliers, website and many more other resources  that you use to market.

5. Skype just came out with a new feature that allows you to use a screen shot of your computer screen to share critical information with your correspondent. They will be able to see your computer screen while you’re doing your presentation. For me I do a lot of training calls so the screen shot feature saves me a lot of time and my students are able to learn much faster.

6. Skype also offers digital voice mail & call transfer.

Granted, Skype is not to be use for emergency calls. You can’t Dial 911 so the system doesn’t truly take the place a land line or cell phone. We always here all the Pro’s but I like to share the Con’s as well. However, overall Skype is a create tool to use if your in business with clients all over the world. They have come a long way in improving their phone services. In  the early day’s the calls were choppy and sometimes they would drop. Now with the ever so growing technology that is always on the arise Skype has an air tight system that’s both for beginners and the more advance users. I’m not an affiliate of the company are anything it’s just I love to share valuable information that can help others achieve their goals. Success is a learned skill. I understand that you have to give with out want before you can have. In other words the more valuable information I give out the ever more critical information I will receive. To download Skype now visit Skype dot com.

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Randy Chambliss


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