A Step By Step Formula To Use In Your MLM Programs That Allows You To Sponsor 30 Reps A Month Into Your MLM Programs


5 Simple Steps To Designing A MLM program that will allow you to become the #1 sponsor in your company.

The industry of MLM programs is crammed with distributors who are not obtaining the level of achievement that they crave.  In fact, more than 97% of the individuals who are involved in the direct sales industry are earning $100 per month or less.

On the other side of the equation, there are 100′s of 1000′s of individuals involved in MLM programs who are earning 6 and 7 figure  incomes.  Now what’s the difference?

The easy difference is that victorious MLM programs have created a step by step MLM program for victory.  From the moment a new person joins their business, they have a  action plan during every stage of their organization growth.  They have a course to generate targeted leads, as well as automated programs to follow up and market their MLM program business opportunity.

So what are the essential parts of a lucrative MLM Program business?

There are five coponents that are definitely essential to the victory of your program, that you unquestionably have to  get in order to reach the greatest levels of your company’s com. Plan.

1.  Your MLM program ought to have step by step training to teach your marketing team how to generate targeted leads both online and offline. Lacking a steady flow of new prospects, your business is going to have a challenging time succeeding.

2.  Your MLM program must have a ‘optin page’  capture new prospects information in exchange for some valuable information.  For instance, you could offer a free video tutorial on marketing, and to access the tutorial your new prospect should put in his name, number and email.

3.  Your MLM program must have an integrated autoresponder email system to systematically ‘drip’ on prospective team member through custom-made, systematic emails over a period of time.  If you’re going to rely on your memory to follow up with every person you talk to, you will have a tough time having the victory that you would like with your program.  In addition, it just beats excessive phone calls, chasing prospects, and the frustration that comes with a life that’s controlled by the telephone.

4.  Your MLM program must have a sales funnel that allows your team to earn additional income from different affiliate sales from both team members and new prospective distributors in addition to the commissions earned from the actual Network Marketing company itself.  This is significant because it allows team members to earn fast cash to fund the marketing cost.

5.  Your MLM program must have a way for each distributor to brand every step of the process, from the optin page to the sales funnel.  This is the generally important, and also the least followed step of setting up a profitable MLM program.  Lack of personalization will be death to your organization over the long term.  In addition, I just find it simply irritating when I see the same page, with the same information being promoted by 1000′s of unique individuals, all of whom have something valuable to say – if they were given the chance wouldn’t you agree?

When you follow these clear-cut steps, there is only one thing that you need to do to focus on your MLM program.  All you will have to do to become as victorious as you would like is to aggressively market your MLM program and get new targeted prospects to the front of your optin page – the MLM program will do the rest. Now I want to introduce to you the #1 Attraction Marketing System that allows top earners to generate 40-50 laser targeted leads to their branded website every single day. Visit

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