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So Is Mike Dillard crazy?

The reason I labeled this post this way is because Mike Dillard has created something that I feel is something that everyone needs to pay attention too. When Mike emailed me personally last week and asked me was I going to mail my list with this product, I sternly told him HELLZ YEAH;) Finally, someone with the cahoonas to tell the truth about whats going on in the economy and how you can capitalize on it. You see, Mike Dillard has created “The Elevation Group” which is designed to educate you on gold, silver, bonds, housing, insurance, banking, and overall how the rich get rich and stay rich!!! Now, I hope these topics aren’t the type of topics that bore you because quite frankly, IT’S NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU MAKE, BUT HOW MUCH YOU KEEP!!


So why listen to Mike Dillard on these topics?

Well, 1st of all Mike isn’t a financial advisor nor is he claiming to be one. He is merely giving you information on what he is doing with his money and what his wealthy friends and business partners are doing. I learned along time ago, when multi-millionaires are willing to give you some tips… SHUT UP AND LISTEN;) Mike Dillard has been making millions of dollars every year online and brings alot of credibility to this field of wealth creation. The team of people that are giving this knowledge is second to none.


Let’s just take a peek at 1 of his recent actions…

Mike, interviewed the world renown silver expert Mike Maloney as apart of “The Elevation Group.” Mike Maloney is Robert Kyosaki’s personal precious metals advisor and is “THE MAN” in this field. Mike Dillard has been investing in silver and gold since 2007 after listening and taking advice from Mike Maloney. Well, what has happened with that 1 recomendation??

Again, Mike Dillard isn’t a finacial advisor, however— THESE FACTS DON’T LIE…

***In January 2007 silver was $12.00 per ounce… Now it’s over $30.00 as I write this post!!

***In January 2007 gold was a little over $600.00 per ounce… Now it’s over $1414.00 as I write this post!!


Need more examples???

There’s plenty more, however Im going to save them for you;) Mike has put together “The Elevation Group” to educate you on topics like gold and silver amongst many others. All of the top internet and network marketers on the planet know it’s not about how much you make but how much you keep!! So with that, learn to make money and keep money like the wealthy do with Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group. Mike has put together a quick video here for you to take a peek. I highly suggest you take a look at this… IT COULD TRULY HAVE YOU IN A POSITION OF STRENGTH IN YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE!

Randy Chambliss
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Looking Beyond a Mike Dillard Review

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I found a great post on Mike Dillard Review but one on Ann Sieg as well.  Both leaders are passionate about helping serious Network Marketers build their MLM business by using Attraction Marketing strategies. This Mike Dillard review gives you information on both leaders approach to building a Network Marketing Company.

Mike Dillard is a great leader that has more of direct approach that quickly gets to the issue at hand. This strategy works GREATLY. However, Ann Sieg approach is more softer and personal. It’s like talking to an old friend who understands what your going through. This strategy works GREATLY as well.

You just have to choose with one will works best for you. Hand down Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring coarse is the best on the planet.  Mike Dillard gives away so much valuable information some may think that he has lost his mind. However, this is the ATTRACTION MARKETING STRATEGY!



In addition to that Mike Dillard has an affiliate program for you to use to pay for your marketing campaign. No more out of pocket expense.

For more info on Mike Dillard Review click the link.

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I see you’re doing your research on Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring Coarse. You’re very smart to do so. In my opinion the Magnetic Sponsoring course is hands down the best training on the concept of Attraction Marketing. Mike Dillard nor his Magnetic Sponsoring Coarse is a scam. If you want to succeed online in the MLM industry you MUST Master this concept.

Mike Dillard went from waiting tables to 7 figure in less then 18 months and has helped 1000’s of people achieve financial freedom by telling the truth about MLM in the Internet age.

The coarse teaches you how to attract people to you allowing you to become the Hunted instead of you the Hunter! Mike explains that when you pitch your business opportunity or product/service on the front end, you push people away. They suddenly start to avoid you LOL. However, when you give VALUE on the front end, you began to ATTRACT people to you.

People join People not business opportunities.

I highly recommend this coarse if your serious about becoming a top earner in your primary business. In fact, Magnetic Sponsoring is mandatory to purchase if you to be accepted as one of my mastermind student.

You’ll receive….

1.) Free Membership To Mike’s Magnetic Sponsoring 3.0 Affiliate Program

2.) Mike’s “Behind Closed Doors” Online Audio CD

3.) Free Trial Issue Of Mike’s Private Magnetic Sponsoring “Inner Circle” Newsletter

4.) Magnetic Sponsoring “Essential Reports”

5.) Mike’s “MLM Domain Secrets eBook” With Free Distribution Rights & Mike’s 7 day boot camp Video Series

A sea of critical information to jump start your network marketing career all for $39


3 of Mike’s top students picked up the torch were he left off. They took the attraction marketing concepts to another level. Now for the first time you can plug into a system that allows you to BRAND yourself, not someone else. The system allows you have full access to your list, a sales funnel & allows you to place your video on your landing page. Branding you.


People get started with YOU because of YOU, NOT your Business.

It’s because of this reason alone that the only thing you should be promoting on the front-end is YOU and the value YOU bring to the table. This is what is going to differentiate you from the MILLIONS of other network marketers out there who are foolishly marketing a company replicated website and acting like every other sleazy salesman on the internet.

If this information has been helpful to you than DELETE your cookies and click the link below to obtain your Magnetic Sponsoring Coarse/Affiliate Program.

Network Marketing HAS CHANGED!

Forget Those Out Dated Methods Like Chasing Friends & Family, Your Warm Market List, Prospecting Strangers and Buying Useless Leads.

Because The Smart Marketers Who Understand The Power & Leverage of The Internet Are Going to Dominate The Industry… So Don’t Get Left Behind!

What You Will Learn Inside…

  • How to set up your fully Branded Attraction Marketing System & Websites with-in 72 hours.
  • How to create a Sales Funnel that would generate multiple sources of ongoing income.
  • How to Brand Yourself  As The Leader & Build YOUR List not someone else’s
  • How to generate hundreds of Targeted prospects, paying customers and new distributors over the Internet.
  • How to Profit from your prospects even if they say NO to Your Primary Business Opportunity.
  • And much, much more!

Become The HUNTED; Instead Of The HUNTER!


Randy Chambliss
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