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Primerica Review

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As a true observer, I have noticed as of lately there has been a big buzz about Primerica. The Network Marketing community, has been blanket with the opportunity that the said company presents. Along with this are the stories of course are the typical ‘MLM naysayers’ saying that Primerica is a scam. Well, in this Primerica review article, let me tackle the truth about the company and see if it is a scam, or a legitimate home based business.


Primerica  is a very popular business opportunity that combines financial services with the Network Marketing model. Over the last 33 years, the company has produced a multitude of 6 & 7-figure a year earners. In the first quarter of 2010, Primerica officially broke ties with it’s parent company, CitiGroup, and went public.  Currently, the company’s sales force is comprised of 100,000 + life insurance licensed reps. It has maintained a good rating with the BBB, and despite what you may have heard, it is NOT for everyone. In addition, Primerica is regulated by the insurance department and the SEC, it is one of the most credible companies in the home based business arena.

In fact Primerica Financial Services introduce me to the Network Marketing Industry. I learn so much for Primerica. I had a great upline who was an SVP. He took me under his wing so to speak and taught me how to get outside of my confront zone. I was scared to death to call my family and friend but I did it. I set a lot of KT’s  appointments through my warm market &  referrals. I was blown away when I attended my first Primerica convention in the Georgia dome . What an amazing experience for a 22 years old kid. However, the problem I had was with myself. I didn’t  know how to EFFECTIVELY exposed my business in front hundreds of new people a month. In all due respect Primerica taught me old school warm market marketing. Til this day, they’re a great company…

But will it live up to the hype?

In conclusion, Primerica  isn’t a scam. Instead, it’s just another MLM Company trying to establish its credibility by offering individuals an opportunity to make money.
Even though Primerica is a good company, just like other reps I ran out of leads to talk to about my business. The only thing my SVP could share with me was old school belly to belly marketing. I tried everything. However, I couldn’t put my business in front enough people for my team to take off. That’s when I began searching for answer. I was blessed to find an Online Marketing Coach who was willing to share with me Internet Marketing Strategies that literally changed my life.
I discovered like any profession, it’s not the company that makes an individual successful. If you want success in Primerica, you need the right marketing skill set and COACHING from people who actually know how to market online. Yes, an individual has to have a well established foundation of marketing techniques for him or her to have an edge in the marketing industry and be able to sponsor 10-20 reps a month. However, before you’re able to sponsor 20 reps a month you first need a stream of NEW TARGETED LEADS to talk to every single day.

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Primerica Scam

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Primerica Financial Services is a multi level marketing company operating out of Georgia, America. It is the largest financial services provider currently operating in the USA. It was founded more than 3 decades ago by Arthur L. Williams. The company is most famous for their “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” slogan which inspired thousands of American middle class families to purchase insurance. The company is riding on years of experience and success, with many success stories, but whispers of the Primerica scam keep floating around in the MLM world. To assess whether Primerica Financial Services is a scam, the services provided and the business opportunity offered have to be analyzed.

Primerica believes in keeping life insurance and investments separate from each other. Primerica Financial Services are truly trying to explain to people how to save money and how to invest the money that has been saved. Primerica had once upon a time come up with a revolutionary idea that has become a part of the insurance industry today.

This idea is for families to purchase insurance which they can afford. The money they can save through this purchase can be invested and be allowed to grow. Primerica has also introduced the rule of 72. The rule of 72 is something unique. If the number 72 is divided by the interest rate on any amount, the number of years that the amount will take to double is obtained.

With the increasing rate of interest, the number of years needed for the money to double fall drastically. Thus, with an interest rate increase of 0.5% can make a difference. With Primerica, as with any other life insurance company, risks have to be taken on the money. People have lost money by investing with Primerica, as high interest rates means higher risks. This has given rise to the notion that Primerica is nothing but a scam. This is not true. Primerica is genuine. People have made a lot of money with Primerica, and many people continue to make money with Primerica.

Primerica provides services like debt consolidation loans, equity investment services and life insurance services. Primerica insures more than 4.3 million people. More than 2 million clients have investments accounts with Primerica. The asset value of the clients with Primerica is estimated at more than $25 billion. Primerica pays out $2.5 million as claims every single day. All these statistics go a long way in proving that Primerica’s services are genuine.

Agents associated to Primerica made an estimated $6,220 on average in the year 2008. The money made varies according to the number of licenses obtained, the activity initiated by the agent and the level on which he receives the contract. There are many success stories associated with Primerica. Primerica concentrates on the recruitment of clients, which can be called a flaw.

The Primerica Financial Services is estimated to be worth more than $9 billion, and was worth $7 billion in 2008. This is a staggering gain of $2 billion through the recession. Primerica is not a scam and provides for a genuine business opportunity.

After all, this is a marketing industry, so a parallel set of knowledge is the most important one. If you want to learn EXACTLY how to create a Branded Blog like this one or more importantly, how to market your new branded blog using Videos, Articles, PPC, Social Media etc. then you may want to inquiry about my Online Coaching opportunity. . You will learn how you can take that same exact knowledge and DOMINATE your business (or any other company, for that matter) online, fill in your name and email on the form on the right of this page and I’ll send you my exclusive 7 part video series for free. A $297 value I look forward to helping you prosper in your company.

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Randy Chambliss
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There are rumors going around that Primerica maybe a Scam. When I heard about this, I started to investigate immediately. As an entrepreneur I like to know what’s going around, that’s why I created this Primerica Scam Review.

Primerica began it’s journey in 1977 as A.L. Williams a company dedicated to change the life insurance industry. By term and invest the rest is their model. The company is located in Duluth, Georgia employs more than 120,000 independent representatives and serves over six million clients through out United States, Canada, Spain, and Puerto Rico.

Primerica is a subsidiary of Citigroup that markets financial service products from companies such as CitiMortgage, Citibank, AIM investments and Smith & Barney‘s. In addition, Primerica offers a Free Financial Needs Analysis ( FHA ) to all of their potential clients. This takes a snap shot of their potential clients current financial situation. Therefore, this gives their independent representative a starting point so they can began laying out game plan & road map for their furture financial needs.

How can you tell the difference between a company that’s legitimate and one who just want’s to scam you? This Primerica Scam Review  looks at the authenticity of the Primerica Opportunity, company and products, so that people can perform their due diligence and make the correct decision after they bear all of their evidence.

Primerica created a way to help individuals to increase their life insurance converge, decrease their monthly premiums and set up a mutual fund for their clients all with the same monies their prospects were already paying.


Client A pay’s $80 a month for their Whole Life Insurance premium for only $50,000 in converge.

Primerica may be able to redirect that $80 to benefit the client needs more effectively. Primerica may offer a Term Life policy for only $50 a month for $300,000 of converge, giving them 4x the coverage.  In addition they would enroll client into a mutual fund for the remaining $30. Again Buy Term and invest the rest . Can you see the big picture here? However keep in mind that this is not actual numbers from Primerica just an example I‘m using.

Here’s The MILLION DOLLAR Question; Is Primerica A SCAM or NOT?

NO! Primerica is NOT a SCAM! They are a legit company that uses the network marketing distribution model to reach their clients. In other words they have built their organization through word of mouth ( Referrals ).

They meets all the standard guideline issued by the FTC that regulates the network marketing and direct sales industry. All independent representatives has to hold a life insurance license from the state their working in.

However, what I have found is that Primerica are still teaching their (IR’s) old school marketing techiques suchs handing out business cards, fliers, meeting & pitching their business opportunity to EVERYONE that passes. These techiques worked in the 80′s & 90′s but this approach works Very Very MINUMIALLY in the information age. The Internet has made it an even playing field to market & BRAND yourself effectivly. Before the Internet Boom the only companies that were able to Brand theirselves where HUGE corperation like COCA-COLA, PEPSI etc.

The top earners in Primerica are not using these old school marketing techiques, they’re plugging into systems  outside of Primerica that allows them to have their own personal website that BRANDS them as a Leader. Their system has a sales funnel that allows them to generate income that pay’s for their marketing promotions. They understand the Power of using Atraction Marketing.

People will get started with YOU because of YOU, NOT your Business.

It’s because of this reason alone that the only thing you should be promoting on the front-end is YOU and the value YOU bring to the table. This is what is going to differentiate you from the Thousands of other Independent Representatives in Primerica  out there who are foolishly marketing Primerica’s replicated website and acting like every other high pressuring agent

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