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Hey Guy’s Randy Chambliss Here. Today we’re going to talk about Traffic Geyser. Real simple Traffic Geyser is a critical marketing tool to use if you’re thinking about marketing your business online. Here are 7 benefits why myself and many other successful Internet Marketers are using Traffic Geyser. First, what is Traffic Geyser. Traffic Geyser is an online tool that I use to distribute my videos to over 50+ sites at the click of a button.

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1. Traffic Geyser has a incredible training center that gives you an in depth understanding of how videos are becoming more & more popular to promote then the old school way of just writing content.

2. Traffic Geyser has a step by step video tutorials that will help you to set up the system and have success with your video ranking on the first page of Youtube or Google.

3. Traffic Geyser has a feature that allows you to create an unlimited amount of landing/capture/opt-in pages for your website. This is extremely important if you’re going to build a list. An you should be building your own list.

4. Traffic Geyser has an affiliate program that allows you to earn some additional income by just referring people to their services.

5. Traffic Geyser always update their content. You will receive information that is cutting edge.

6. Traffic Geyser just added a cool feature that allows you to post an article in the system. Ones you’ve posted the article you can now distribute your article to over 30 different article directories all with a click of a button.

7. Traffic Geyser also has transcript writers to actually convert your videos into text so you can have a written copy of the content in your video. Awesome feature!

By now you should be able to see why do you need Traffic Geyser to use if your going to do any video syndication. Traffic Geyser will run you between $47-$97 depending on the package you choose.  However,  “TG” offer a 30 day trial period for $1. I would suggest you create 10 or more videos and then start the 30 day trial period. This will give you a greater chance to earn income from the content videos you blasted out through “TG”. Now you’re in a position of profit not expense.

Most new business owners fail because their spending more then their earning. You don’t want to make this mistake. I want to make sure your making money with Traffic Geyser. My suggestion is to shot for the $97 package. It gives you more site to submit to. Remember Traffic Geyser is a S.Y.S.T.E.M {Saving Yourself Time, Energy & Money}. With “TG’ you will be able to generate a massive amount of backlinks to your website in short period of time. When I first launched my blog it was ranked 2,578,874 but in a few short weeks I was ranked 931,949 according to Alexa.

Imagine for a moment, creating a video about an affiliate program you’re promoting and being able to dominate the first page of Google & Youtube. I mean imagine having 4 or 5 links to your website or blog on the first page. You will never have to worry about leads again. To give Traffic Geyser a test drive visit TrafficGeyser.NewBusinessLeadsNow dot com.

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