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Usana Health Sciences was formed in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz who is renowned worldwide as a microbiologist and immunologist. Usana has been offering good products for the past 17 years, and have been complying with the MLM laws throughout this period. It has been in compliance with all the Direct Selling Association and FTC rules. It is also a member of the DSA. Despite these strong credentials, there is a constant stream of questions about the legitimacy of the Usana Health Company and the business opportunity it offers.

The Usana Health Usana Health sciences is a great MLM company. In this Usana Health review you’ll discover how Usana Health sciences top reps are dominating the Internet. Usana Health sciences Company offers products in the health and wellness industry. Usana has introduced three product lines. They are supplements called Micro Optimizers, skin care products called as Sense, and food replacements known as Macro Optimizers. The aim of the Usana Company is to provide high quality science based products which can be distributed internationally through a network of associates. Usana health Usana Health sciences is a great MLM company. In this Usana Health review you’ll discover how Usana Health sciences top reps are dominating the Internet. Usana Health sciences has spent years developing their products, and these products have been received very well by people. They are beneficial and effective products, and the company has special partnerships with scientists for help in design and content of the product. Dr. Wentz has always believed that prevention is better than cure, and his products reflect his philosophy. The long run the products have enjoyed and the positive feedback are factors providing effective proof about the legitimacy of the product.

As a network marketing company, it provides a binary plan for compensation. While this plan has created many millionaires in the past, most consultants advise against subscription to this plan. So Usana heath offers options to an individual which are either to buy their products as a valued customer or an opportunity for the individual to build his own business.

The binary plan is simple in nature. There are two sides to an individual’s business performance. When the sale volumes on the left hand and right hand sides match at a certain pre set volume, the individual is paid his commission. The business strategies promoted by Usana health are generally outdated, and with the use of these strategies people find themselves investing more than they earn.

The Usana Company is marketing a brilliant product and has a solid compensation plan in place. It has enjoyed a stupendous run so far and has benefited tremendously because of the recession. The Usana Company is completely above board, although the interested individual advised to think and learn about the tips and strategies regarding MLM before investing precious time and money in this business venture. Other than that, Usana health has a bright future ahead.

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