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Hey Guy’s I see your doing your research on Viral Content Magic. Well you are in for a treat. The reason why I choose to write this review on Viral Content Magic is because I want you to have a crystal clear understanding of the amount of value that’s inside this product. Rest assure this is not another product that has no value or meaning to your life. David Wood, Jim Chao and Kenny Gregg has been masterminding this product creation since Sept. 09.

Basically, Viral Content Magic is a collaboration between the three. Each one of them has their own niche that they’re experts in. Jim Chao brings his Facebook & pay per click marketing secrets to the table. Kenny Gregg brings his video & SEO marketing  and David Wood brings his article & blogging marketing secrets to the table.

Viral Content Magic has 10 modules in a simple easy to use step by step blueprint that both new and  more advance marketers can use. The product was created to set the foundation of marketing over the Internet Viral. In my opinion, I laughed at the price of Viral Content Magic because these guy’s are practically giving away their product. Viral Content Magic can easily retail for $1500 or more. I respect these guy’s a lot for what they’re doing to help average individuals  succeed as marketers in these tough economic times.

David Wood have taken me under his wings by mentoring me to duplicate his exact methods the he’s using to generate the insane amount of leads he’s pulling on a daily basic. However, each week that passes our leads increases with no end in sight. Therefore, David, Jim & Kenny had to find away to train each an everyone one who join their team viral. This is why as an Internet marketer I’m so excited about Viral Content Magic because now I can simple plug my new distributors into the product so the can begin strengthening  their foundation while I’m training other team members. I want you to envision yourself generating 50-100 targeted leads to your blog every single day. Viral Content Magic will save you a huge amount of time in your training efforts.

On a scale from 1- 10 I give the product a 11! I wish I could have had this information giving to me in a simple action plan when I first started. I had to really research and be creative when I was trying to crack the code to unlocking the flood gates of targeted leads. However, when I partnered with David Wood he give me a clear path to follow but this was after so many costly mistakes. I spent a lot of money, time and effort to learn how to market over the Internet.

I went from having no new leads to put my business in front of to having new prospects calling and emailing me, wanting to now more about how I’m marketing online. However, before I teach them how to generate leads online I require them to join my mastermind group. The group is a community of super sharp Internet marketers that comes together and share critical marketing ideas that’s working. So, If you want to be successful as an network marketer than you have to study the industry, not just your primary company. Through my research I found that 97% of small business & network marketers are failing because they don’t have any new leads. So I choose to become a problem solver for them and offer them a solution on the front end. This is what you have to do in order for you to stand out from the crowed. You have to offer your new prospect valuable information alone with some e-books that has helped you alone the way. After you have built a trusting business relationship with your new leads then an only then should you offer them an opportunity to work with you directly in your primary business. Remember, the main purpose of attraction marketing is to flip people into your primary business on the back end. Now you have a product that you can be  proud to stand behind and offer your new distributors.

Randy Chambliss


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