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A blogger can do a lot of things with his posts to make them magnetic. Though content is still number 1, a blog will still have to bewitch readers’ attention before they even start to read. This means that the way a blogger structures his posts will matter a lot when it comes to ascertaining whether or not readers are, in fact, going read the post past its title.

This is why it’s very important to give attention not just to the content itself but to the way it is presented. Once this skill has been surmounted, a blogger can even make his blog make money online. But just prior to that, a blog will first have to be attractive to be bankable. One thing that turns off readers fast is a post that looks too dense.

Firstly, the post shouldn’t be too long or wordy as it tends to put a lot of stress on the reader before he even gets down to read. If there seems to be a bit much to read, then that’s something that won’t inevitably work in favor of the blogger who would like to be read. Whether it’s a blog post, an article or even a news item, text has to be cut up into globs for it to look like an easy read which is how everybody desires it.

A post that doesn’t feed the eyes is also likely to be boring, if not totally unattractive all throughout. Decidedly, those pictures are going to do well in attracting people to check out what’s in the post and not just stop at the title. Colors also tend to feed the eyes and make reading more engaging. Images can even hold a reader’s attention when the title can’t.

Besides, people generally respond more to pictures than text, so having lots of them on a post can definitely be crucial within those 3 seconds it takes for an uninterested visitor to click away. A blog is also a great avenue for a blogger to cultivate his creative side. There are numerous ways to make a blog post magnetic and it recommended that bloggers make the best of the many things he can do. Apart from adding pictures, he can play with the fonts or font colors.

There’s a bit of a hazard here though when everything looks too cooked up that the content is practically dwarfed by its own display. The key is to simply pull in readers to read and not to engross them in some imagined articulated artwork. Naturally, links don’t only do a blog good in terms of SEO. They also look quite attractive to readers. The several links there are on have on your page, the more ingrained readers will be. That’s since links count as votes of confidence and if this many people have given the blogger their ballotings, then his posts may well be deserving a read. Naturally, a blog is any blogger’s baby but a blog making money can make a good blogger go places. If you’ve been blogging and acquiring more traffic than you ever imagined, you may as well make that blog make money through pay-per-click and affiliate ads. Money comes easy and the only price is for you to become an even improved blogger as the cash rolls in.

Randy Chambliss

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