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I see your doing your research on David Wood. He is the creator and author of &

So Who’s David Wood?

David Wood grew up in Fairbanks, Ak where he lived from the time he was born until the age of 19.  At 19 years of age, he moved to England for 2 years where he did missionary work for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.

After my missionary trip, he moved to Arizona where he went through extreme struggle and financial difficulty.  David Wood  started selling alarm systems in the hot summers door to door, and eventually he learned the secrets of being successful in sales and started outperforming 95% of the sales population in every company he ever worked for.

David Wood eventually made his way to the MLM, or Network Marketing industry where he initially built an organization doing more than $100,000 per month in global sales in less than six month – selling vitamins.

After working on that business for 2 years, he decided that it was not the right long term fit for me, and he decided to take the skills that he had learned and build another MLM empire using Attraction Marketing principles that he had learned from industry Gurus like Mike Dillard.  Since that time, he have personally helped create hundreds of thousands of dollars in income, millions of dollars in sales, and David Wood  have personally aided thousands of people both on and off the Internet in helping them to create marketing empires that rival some of the top producers in the history of Attraction Marketing.

David Wood’s  mission is to help entrepreneurs in ALL MLM COMPANIES prosper and build their business in a way that is attractive, fun, and empowering.  Giving someone the skills that they need to dominate their company and FINALLY break through to the success that they’re looking for is one of my greatest passions in life.

In 2007, David Wood eloped with my wife, Ashley Needles in Hollywood, CA, and since that time I have been traveling and enjoying my life, spending time with his family and coaching people all over the world.

I have had the previlage of working with David Wood for the past 2 months. I have learn more in this short period of time than I have ever learned in the past 1 year I have been involved in the MLM industry.

David lauched in Sept. 09 and with in 2 months is generating over 50 Laser Targeted Leads a day. went from being ranked in the Millions to a ranking of  61,000 according to

David Wood hosted 2 power packed  informational webinars for MLM Lead System Pro members, explaining his exact strategies. I was one of 1000′s on the webinars and was totally blown away by what he was doing. After witnessing what David Wood was doing on his blog I just had to start duplicating what he was doing. If you’re reading this article it’s because of what David Wood revealed on those webinars.

Now you can see why I choose David Wood and his blog as my mentor & coach. David Wood has taken me under his wing and give me his exact blueprint of his Super Success. Our primary traffic methods are article marketing, video and blogging. However, our most successful and well documented strategy is Article Marketing.

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  2. [...] learn more about Work With David Wood Review click on the link. In addition to that, I have a bonus gift for you at Work With David Wood Review. [...]

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