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Xooma worldwide is a health based Multi Level Marketing company which is based in Virginia. It is led by Ron Howell, who is the president of the company and Dan Putnam is a co founder who has helped support the company with his guidance. Ron Howell has experience in the industry amounting to three decades, and has been assigned various positions in many different companies in the past.

As its flagship product, Xooma markets a mineral health drink called as the Xtreme X20. This is a natural mineral complex, and is taken from the water around the Okinawa islands. This product is processed after its harvesting and is packed into small sachets, which are ready for use. For drinking it, the product has to be poured into water and has to be kept still for 5 minutes after being shaken. Then the product can be consumed.

The product is said to have a host of health benefits. The body is hydrated, revitalized and receives a lot of beneficial minerals. There are a lot of positive testimonials regarding this product from various people. They have reported relief from acid reflux, joint pain and they say the product has helped them with managing their blood pressure. So the product manufactured by Xooma is unique and can be marketed easily as there is always a demand for health products.

Xooma Worldwide offers a business opportunity to interested people. A 2*12 matrix plan in which people can be gathered to work for the businessman who has registered and he receives a bonus amount of the sales made by his subordinates. While this is a good plan, it is imperative that the subordinates are up to the task and work well without laziness. At least a few hundred people are required to provide a steady monthly income for the businessman amounting to bit over a thousand dollars. This plan is in addition to the other straightforward way to make money, which is selling their product and receiving money based on performance.

The main aim of Xooma is to create a Scientific Advisory Board through which it can develop and research their product, provide backup educationally to their members and to help change the health of everyone for the better. It is concentrating on providing products which can enhance health and help prevent diseases. The board has researchers which are specially chosen for providing the company with nutritional facts and figures.

In short Xooma is a company marketing a nice product with a sound business strategy and aims. It is quite a task to replicate the success of a company which has used Multi Level Marketing to such an amazing extent. Those who know me understands that I have extensive knowledge in the art and the science of Multi Level Marketing. I utilizes the example of Xooma effectively and also allows his clients to learn the special strategies and tactics effected by Xooma to make the business such a successful and efficient one. Such incisive guidance is the order of the day for businesses to grow successfully and learning how to market using the Internet will explode your Xooma business if you make the choice to join.

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  2. [...] is a great MLM company. In this Xooma Reviews you’ll learn more about the company & how Xooma top reps are dominating the Internet. [...]

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