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XOWii is a recent entrant in the multi level marketing industry and has been launched debt free. The company owners are millionaires with years of marketing experience and the company enjoys all their backing and support. Like other marketing companies, the XOWii Company also offers a compensation plan and a product.

XOWii falls in the health and wellness category on the basis of its products, energy and wellness beverages. XOWii Energy is the flagship company product. It is unique because of the fact that is the only KonaRed Coffee Cherry based energy drink, which is a fruit with the highest tested antioxidant levels and the drink is expected to contain at least 4 times higher antioxidant volume than any other drink in the market. Added in the drink are healthy berries like açai berry, blueberry, aronia berry and some liquid Glucosamine which improves joint flexibility and mobility.

For people looking to cut down on some weight, Xowii Thin is a natural way to go about. The product works on several fronts and suppresses appetite naturally and any weight loss is healthy. A product in the company pipeline is the Xowii Ultra, expected to come out anytime now. Some of the health benefits are likely to include energy increase, heart support, support to the brain functions, and support to the eyes. The products are of the best quality and do not compromise on anything.

The compensation plan at XOWii is the tried and tested binary plan. A marketer is expected to build two teams working under him. Each team is to have two distributors. If the marketer manages to recruit more than two members into his team, they are automatically placed under existing members. As the marketer keeps recruiting more and more members, his profits start to go up through commissions.

Some of the benefits of joining XOWii are that the business is generally affordable and the distributor is not expected to keep an inventory, which helps save a lot of cost. The products are very good, and are recession proof. Also, the distributor is provided with a unified training when he joins in. But the training given to the marketer is not exactly the latest. The company seems to be telling distributors to use old multi level marketing techniques like cold calling and arranging meetings. While these techniques still work, they won’t exactly help a marketer earn a steady income. But marketers are given very good information about their product, and this helps them sell the product by telling people about the health benefits. Also, distributors are given a personalized website to help sell the products.

XOWii is still a new multi level marketing company. It has yet to prove its worth in an industry which is famous for companies going out of business within a period of a few years. The business opportunity provided is not exactly out of this world, but nonetheless, marketers will find that they can earn a steady income with it after they study internet marketing.

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