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Zrii is an international multi level marketing company and provides healthcare to customers around the world. It was launched recently in May 2008 and is based in Draper, Utah in the United States. The company uses the 5000 year old Indian ayurvedic system of healthcare to provide wellness not only physically, but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally. “Zrii” is a Sanskrit word meaning light, luster, prosperity and splendor.

The products at Zrii are based upon one of the core health pillar in the Ayurvedic science, the Amalaki fruit. The products are meant to provide much more than antioxidants. The products are geared towards specific parts of the body to provide complete health. The Weight Management Program is a popular product at Zrii. The company provides a healthy shake called the NutriiVeda, which is completely natural and is delicious as well. It helps the body to reduce weight naturally through proper digestion and helps in the overall wellness as well. Zrii, the Original Amalaki is a beverage which is based on the Amalaki fruit, with excellent beneficial properties. It includes seven other ingredients which help provide a body with complete wellness. The Amalaki fruit is found in India and has been used for many centuries for cellular regeneration. The science of Ayurveda is very ancient, and its principles are solid. Any product even remotely consulting Ayurveda for ingredients is bound to be good.

Zrii has had a lot of hype and publicity generated over its product and its business opportunity. The business opportunity has been designed through a lot of research and the Zrii Company has come up with a binary compensation plan after incorporating the best eight features of other compensation plans operating in various other companies. Distributors working with Zrii are called Independent Executives (IE’s). Money is earned through 8 distinct ways. A Retail bonus is obtained for enrolling Preferred Customers (PC’s) and an Enroller Retail Bonus is earned on the basis of product sales. Rising Star Pool generates 3% of the market CV on the basis of new IE’s and PC’s enrolled. Team Commission generates 10% of the Organizational Volume. Matching Bonus, Leadership Pool, Achievement Bonus and Premium Executive Rewards can be earned along the way. As is normal for a multi level marketing company, the higher the Independent Executive rises through recruitment and sales volume, the higher the potential money that he can earn. The Leadership Pool promises to be one of the best incentive commissions that can be earned. An Independent Executive who qualifies for the Leadership Pool gets a 1% share in the company’s global commissionable sales.

Zrii, a relative newcomer, has taken the world by storm and is well on its way to becoming one of the leaders in the healthcare industry. The compensation plan is solid, and this seems to be a ground floor opportunity at present. Marketers can capitalize on the success the company is sure to achieve in the upcoming future and earn thousands of dollars each month through hard work and dedication.

That’s actually the reason I put this site together. I understand that it takes a lot of marketing knowledge to learn how to earn a significant income from home, and I wanted to extend a helping hand to people who are either looking at Zrii or who are involved already and help them learn how to recruit people using modern day MLM strategies.

When I first got involved in MLM, I discovered I wasn’t very good at traditional MLM strategies, and as a result of listening to well meaning uplines, I failed at MLM for 4 years straight. After a while, I actually started experiencing a level of success, but I just didn’t like going to all of the meetings, and having weekly ‘baby sitting’ meetings with all of my downline, so I learned to market online. Within my first 2 months I sponsored more people then I did in an entire year of marketing online, I later went on to have the second largest downline in my company.

If you’ll serious about entering the Network Marketing area then you have Master Marketing. “He who controls Marketing Wins”

So what I’ve done is put together an 10 day training mastermind Boot Camp that will teach you how you can do what I did, and it will work for you whether you’re involved with Zrii or any other home based business opportunity!

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